Jin Zhu denied hitting UFO Shenzhou-9 during its launch on June 16, 2012

During the launch of the Shenzhou-9, observed a UFO manned spacecraft China.Shenzhou-9 is a flight of the manned spacecraft Shenzhou program in China, launched at 10:37:24 (UTC), June 16, 2012. Shenzhou-9 is the second manned spacecraft and the first spacecraft to be docked to the space station Tiangong 1, which took place on June 18.

The crew of the mission includes China’s first woman astronaut, Yang Liu. China launched Liu Yang into orbit aboard the Shenzhou-9 on June 16, 2012, from the Jiuquan space base, along with Commander Haipen Jing and Wang Liu flight engineer
According to Zhu, also deputy executive director of the Beijing UFO Research Society, the two bright objects captured on screen during the live broadcast of the first manned mission COUPLING China were probably birds, aircraft or other flight modules. However, Zhu said that due to temporary lack of access to technological data and infrared video images, it is difficult to identify flying objects and to measure their speed and actual distances to the spacecraft. The appearance on television about a second of the objects is not sufficient to produce some evidence to the claim of UFOs, said Zhu. In stark contrast to the rational and scientific analysis of Zhu Weibo users (a platform of China’s microblogging like Twitter) were more free and imaginative in their assessments of unidentified objects in the sky. Many of them believe that the bright objects were really UFOs, while other bloggers raised the possibility that supernatural phenomena are objects that predict disaster.

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