Japanese scientists pave the way to eternal life: Found secret of aging

30 Jun

eternal lifeJapan, which already leads the world in life expectancy, now has another tool to consolidate its leadership position. The country’s scientists say they have discovered a protein responsible for aging and have learned to control it. A group of scientists from Osaka University have discovered that a component of human complement system is directly responsible for aging, citing the Japanese media the Russian ITAR-TASS. C1q protein, researchers say, is to blame for human cells become old.The immune system, the complement system help or “complements” the body in cleansing germs. C1q protein was earlier thought to be merely an element in the system.

Once the true role of the protein, however, scientists say they have also learned to control it, almost completely blocking the cells of the aging process. The discovery, they say, could easily become a key to eternal life.strong>But there’s the other side of the story.
In launching the protein “sleep” and stop the aging process, scientists also block the body’s immune system as a whole. Until now, one way to stop the aging and maintain the functioning of the immune system has not been found.But researchers say they are working hard, so who knows? Maybe one day not far might be able to stay young – and healthy at the same time.

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