Athenian evolution

02 Jun

AthenianLater than medical wars, Athens, proud of his beauty and rich for his conquests, shone with extraordinary splendor. This is the time when we are offered the most perfect picture of Greek life.

The welfare and happiness of the home, very little attention was called Greek. Corno most of the south, he spent his days away from home, engaged in business, in the exercises, in politics and in the ceremonies. He lived not for his family, but for the city. The luxury of this was his pride was satisfied personally with a simple and modest life, provided that public monuments and festivals of their gods provoke universal admiration.

Athens was a city with wide streets and tall houses. The houses are clustered at the foot of the Acropolis, at the whim of the owner, and formed a maze of alleyways of the old districts only indigenous Algerian cities can give an idea. When, after the burning of the city by the Persians, Athens was rebuilt, new districts were created in which trees were planted, houses were more spacious and the streets were laid out by line; truth is that this was done only in the neighborhoods of the rich. Traders remained in their huts of the ancient city.

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