Vampire Syndrome-Incurable disease.

SyndromeThe town of Suffolk in the UK, lived two brothers, George and teenage Simon. Friends have long called the Cullen family of boys, paying tribute to the heroes of the famous book by Steffani Meyer. The fact that children suffer from a rare and incurable genetic disease, syndrome, which is called a vampire. Most people know about everything , but not the existence of this incurable disease.

With this disease in the world live about 7000 people. Children with a vampire syndrome differ deathly pale skin, lack of teeth (except long, sharp canine teeth), a rare hairy, dark circles under the eyes and impaired sweating.

On the street they can only go out at dusk, as their skin is absolutely not tolerate direct sunlight. Under the influence of the sun the skin of these people once covered with blisters. Symptoms usually appear in early childhood, but modern medicine can identify genetic disorders at the stage of fetal development.

Despite his illness, George and Simon lead a normal life and do not differ in physical and mental development of their peers. To date, there is no treatment for the syndrome vampire, however, the outward manifestations of the disease can be fairly well fixed.

Genetic abnormalities in unique children’s doctors diagnosed in infancy. Mother Dzhorzhda and Simon said in an interview to a tabloid that is proud of its extraordinary sons, and to live in the dark the whole family have long been accustomed to.

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