Japanese scientists pave the way to eternal life: Found secret of aging

eternal lifeJapan, which already leads the world in life expectancy, now has another tool to consolidate its leadership position. The country’s scientists say they have discovered a protein responsible for aging and have learned to control it. A group of scientists from Osaka University have discovered that a component of human complement system is directly responsible for aging, citing the Japanese media the Russian ITAR-TASS. C1q protein, researchers say, is to blame for human cells become old.The immune system, the complement system help or “complements” the body in cleansing germs. C1q protein was earlier thought to be merely an element in the system.
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Mysterious noctilucent clouds as seen from the International Space Station

Mysterious “night shining” or noctilucent clouds are beautiful to look at, and this stunning image offers an unusual view of these clouds as seen by astronauts aboard the International Space Station. They are also called polar mesosphere clouds, these clouds have baffled scientists with recent dramatic changes. They used to be considered rare, but now the clouds are becoming brighter, are more often visible at lower latitudes and lower than ever, and sometimes they appear during the day. Astronauts may take a sequence of these clouds on June 5, 2012, as seen under. According to NASA is the first sequence of images taken from orbit phenomenon. The sequence in this video was taken while the ISS passed over western Asia. By focusing on the end of the earth at night with the sun illuminating it, the team was able to capture some of these mysterious clouds movements. Continue reading “Mysterious noctilucent clouds as seen from the International Space Station”

Jin Zhu denied hitting UFO Shenzhou-9 during its launch on June 16, 2012

During the launch of the Shenzhou-9, observed a UFO manned spacecraft China.Shenzhou-9 is a flight of the manned spacecraft Shenzhou program in China, launched at 10:37:24 (UTC), June 16, 2012. Shenzhou-9 is the second manned spacecraft and the first spacecraft to be docked to the space station Tiangong 1, which took place on June 18.

The crew of the mission includes China’s first woman astronaut, Yang Liu. China launched Liu Yang into orbit aboard the Shenzhou-9 on June 16, 2012, from the Jiuquan space base, along with Commander Haipen Jing and Wang Liu flight engineer
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NASA discovered a “forest” under the Arctic ice

A scientific expedition in conjunction with the U.S. space center, said that the Arctic Ocean is green staining of the proliferation of microscopic marine plants, which are essential for life on other seas, but had not survived until now in a ecosystem so cold.Global warming is behind a phenomenon that has not been detected in its full extent.The expedition ICESCAPE (short for Climate Impacts on Ecosystems and Chemistry of the Arctic) explored the waters of the Beaufort and Chukchi seas in Alaska aboard a U.S. icebreaker.
“We have seen a massive growth of phytoplankton between 800 centimeters and 1.3 meters in the first-year ice cover in the Chukchi Sea,” say the authors. This layer extends over 100 kilometers, a phenomenon that had not been observed so far. Changes in the Arctic had been detected by satellite imagery from NASA. It was thought that these plants green tinged water and are the basis of the marine food chain, only grew after the retreating sea ice, which occurs in summer. The problem, says biologist Sam Laney, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, is that, as a downpour made the desert bloom, the accumulation of melt water in short periods of time in the Arctic have important effects on the ecosystem. According to their analysis, the ice thinned, sunlight reaches the waters beneath the permafrost on the sea, allowing the plant to develop. Continue reading “NASA discovered a “forest” under the Arctic ice”

Fire of epic proportions destroys some neighborhoods of Colorado Springs

The flames have destroyed between 200 and 300 homes and forced the evacuation of 36,000 residents

A fire of epic proportions that devastated around Colorado Springs in the western United States, has entered the city on Wednesday, forcing the evacuation of 36,000 people and causing the destruction of buildings. “It’s a firestorm of epic proportions,” summarized the fire chief of the city, Richard Brown, quoted by local daily ‘Denver Post’.

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Will no longer be a house of horror

The famous Amityville house for supernatural phenomena that led to murder the occupants, in 1974, and was taken to the movies with global diffusion (“The Amityville Horror”)
This house was recently sold to a couple: David D’Antonio and his wife. Both retirees, but active in community issues. It also says that the home is a harmless tourist attraction. And the demons that inhabited it were.
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Ghosts or the supernatural power at some homes

All the world there are many stories of houses where they are ghosts or supernatural things happen. In most cases there is no convincing scientific evidence. Even there are even pictures of these supernatural events or appearances. Except in some cases, as happened in May 2007 in a house in Queensland. For me, so far, the most famous houses with ghosts, apparitions or demonic possession is for the Amityville house in New York, The story is similar in most of these cases, ie, there is talk of houses with negative charge, feelings of great fear or evil presences …The following picture seems to have captured something of spiritual energy that characterized the appearance of the ghost or the beginning of supernatural phenomena that happened in that house. According to those who lived this experience counted it all started in 2006 with only sounds and steps. Then some household objects move. Still others come on their own as TV or radio and tune in programs that seem to send messages in both directions that will exponentially increase their terror in these situations …The last thing is to get to the hysteria of horror was when the supernatural being, turned on the car, along with the radio blaring … Continue reading “Ghosts or the supernatural power at some homes”

The most secret places of the world

Exclusive and secret places of which we know little or nothing, as it simply, even if we wanted we could not visit. This ranking is check out these important places, which the vast majority of people can not access:

Mezhgorye russia10. Mezhgorye (Russia)
. All around it is secret, but some information has circulated, rather, rumors, over the past 15 years. In a remote part of the Ural Mountains, in a prohibited area, is a solid name disturbing Yamantau, which in the local language means Mountain bashkir Mala. And they say that between 1996 and 2007 Russia has built under it a vast underground complex, a thousand meters below the quartz rock. Not been made public what it does. We do not know what it is. But it is very large.
Officially, there are only Mezhgorye linked to mine iron and steel industry in the region, managed by a company that has changed names several times but has remained invariably headed by a general asset (including a certain Leonid Akimovich Tsirkunov). A former regional communist official, however, said it is a refuge of last line to the Russian leadership in case of war, this is the prevailing opinion in the West.
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The world most strangest weather

weatheWeather disturbancesby the cause of Global warming are the less fascinating. Some are more explicable than others, but all are witness to the often breathtaking nature. Here are the ten strangest weather events that show what happens when nature wants to amaze us with his power.

10. St. Elmo’s Fire. Throughout history, countless sailors have claimed to witness the emergence of these glowing tongues of fire that “danced” on the masts and rigging ends of the vessels in some severe storms. These balls of light, known as St. Elmo’s Fire, there are nothing but electric shocks that occur during these storms and have targeted the higher objects of a boat.
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World most heights and tallest trees

tallest treesThe heights of the tallest trees in the world have been subject to considerable controversy and a lot of hype. Modern laser checks with meters or ribbons falling tree climbers, have shown that the measurement methods are not very reliable old, sometimes producing exaggerations of up to above 15%.
The current list of world’s tallest trees, verified by the most reliable measurement is:
10. Noble Fir, located at Mount St. Helens in Washington determines – 87.5 meters.
9. Ash Mountain, located in Tasmania (Australia) – 87.9 meters.
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