You already see Nibiru?

11 May

Ends with the Mayan calendar, and we were all waiting for the big and scary Karachun. One of the most popular reasons for the apocalypse – the planet Nibiru , which collide with the Earth. It is sometimes confused with Planet X .
NASA’s tired of the hell that ufologists, alarmists, trolls, lovers and ordinary fried spammer’s link to his scholars, and the agency came up with another statement that none of these celestial bodies in the nearest planet not destroy. They are all, strictly speaking, does not exist.
The history of madness began with the fact that in 1976 Zecharia Sitchin published the book “The Twelfth Planet,” which posted its own translation of the Sumerian cuneiform, allegedly mentioning the planet Nibiru approaching the Sun every 3600 years. A few years later, the self-proclaimed psychic Nancy Lieder announced contact with aliens, who warned her that the planet is faced with the Earth in 2003. When this happened, the date was moved to the apocalypse of 2012 – year of the end of the long period of the Mayan calendar.

Later, in 2010, astronomers discovered a comet Elenin (C/2010 X1) , and after a while ufologists declared that, well, it is the very rock the planet. The comet, planet – what a difference! But instead of crashing into the Earth, the object is deviated too close to the sun and broke into several fragments.

But ufologists did not give up. Some of them dug in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, 1984 article, which discussed several infrared sources that have no analogues. Similar works are common in astronomy, for them is usually followed by a closer study of the most interesting objects. Later, most of them turned out to distant galaxies. No planets.

The fact that a planet with so eccentric orbit can exist, is in serious doubt. It would destabilize the solar system and has received retaliation from other planets that would have remained undetected.

The most simple and verifiable argument against the existence of such a planet is that an object going to get close to Earth in late 2012, would have been visible to the naked eye. Simple calculations show that in April he would have been brighter than the faint stars visible in the city, and almost as bright as Mars is in its very dull phase.

Ufologists say that the planet can be seen for a long time, just not allowed to report on this in order not to sow panic. But hardly anyone is able to silence hundreds of thousands of amateur astronomers. Yes, and professionals often do not have any relation to the government or to public universities. David Morrison of NASA’s Astrobiology Institute notes that NASA gets most of the data just from these astronomers.

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