Unravel the mystery of the legendary “White City”

Holy CityUnravel the mystery of the legendary “White City” in Honduras archaeological discoveries are hoping to do in the near future, scientists conducting research Antiquities in Honduras. Recently, there were hopes that they will finally find the legendary “White City”, which probably existed in what is now the Central American country long before the arrival of Spanish conquistadors in the region.

Through the use of new technologies that were used to scan hard-to-air area near the Caribbean coast of Honduras, the researchers obtained data that there are the ruins of the ancient city. Perhaps we are talking about the “White City”, which the ancient tribes called the “holy city”.

Unravel the mystery of the legendary “White City”Unravel the mystery of the legendary “White City”Unravel the mystery of the legendary “White City”. But to reach it is extremely difficult, as it is in the jungle.

On the probable existence of the “White City” Archaeologists have long been known from the legends that keep the descendants of the ancient tribes that lived in the distant past of what is now Honduras. This was mentioned in the metropolis in 1526 in a letter addressed to the Spanish king Charles V conquistador Hernan Cortes. In his message, he compared the size of the city of Tenochtitlan / Mexico City, the current /, but did not dare to send troops because of the fact that the settlement was extremely difficult to reach.

So far, not determined what tribe inhabited the “White City”, but it is known that the metropolis reached enormous proportions. It is believed that in the mid-sixteenth century, its inhabitants left for an unknown reason.

In view of recent data obtained by researchers, soon will be spent in the district of La Mosquitia scientific expedition. Assisting in the preparation of its plan to provide several universities and research organizations from Spain, the USA, France, Japan and the UK.

The researchers is of great interest in the upcoming expedition to the area where there might be the ruins of an ancient city, the representative of the Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History Virgilio Paredes. According to him, this was largely due to the fact that “the territory of the ancient metropolis for the past several centuries untouched by human hands.” While scientists do not even come from the assumptions on which they are expected to open in the “White City”.

The search for the ancient metropolis began in Honduras two years ago, but only now received information that the impenetrable jungle “La Mosquitia”, really are the ruins of the city. In this regard, the authorities of the Central American countries announced their intention to create a fund that will sponsor research work on an archaeological center and the preservation of historical heritage.

Earlier, an American scientist Steve Helkins, who led the preliminary stage of exploration of the “White City”, said the discovery of an ancient metropolis “may be the most important archeological discovery of the HH1 century.” To what extent this assumption is true, apparently, will be known soon after the expedition to the area of probable location of the ancient city, the legend of which have been around for several centuries.

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