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08 May

Tips, fateThe noise of the market square, scraps of conversation of strangers, words, songs from afar … Signs of destiny – everywhere! To see them, feel – it means to hear their fate. Get a chance for personal happiness and luck, your personal treasure map.It would be nice if the signs of destiny did not hide from us. For example, look at the green light, and then flashes: “Drop your job, start your own business.” Or we cleaned the house and find under the bed of the old Bear, which is quite a man’s voice says, “Come marry Pete, not Vasya “. Everything is clear and understandable. And guess nothing. But who knows, maybe then we would be so intrusive advice shunned, both on moralistic parents. And as it turns out that our universe is only hinted. Quietly, so tactfully advises. Do you want to – follow. And you want – pass by. It is better to hear and follow, who would argue. After all, as a rule, the signs of destiny, like a compass, guide us to some very necessary to us objective. However, the opposite may divert from this goal …

It would not be happy …

Many years ago my friend Larissa was dating a guy who was considered eligible bachelor. A graduate of the prestigious high school, Andrew was just a good job at a big firm, a decent salary. Could maintain a conversation on any topic, go to the gym, loved to travel. They all thought that Larissa and Andrew – a perfect match, both beautiful, athletic, energetic. Like, seriously Andrew was interested in Larissa, and she loved him, and all around the thought that it is a matter for the wedding. But something alarmed me Andrew. Then I could not clearly express their concerns, but intuitively felt that in his words, addressed to Larissa, slip some hard, it is the power notki.No even liked, because man, in her opinion, there should be a fraction of brutality.

Only one thing upset Larissa: every time before some important step in their relationship with her had trouble. Before talking with parents Andrew Larissa at the fitness club, hit the trainer, so that formed a black eye. The future mother in law, seeing it with blue eyes, pursed her lips and asked curtly: “My dear, you have to face?” Going to the first joint with Andrew trip abroad, Larissa caught a bad cold, and almost all the time lay in the room, though generally very ill rare. When they came to apply to the registry office, Larissa could not find his passport, but always distinguished accuracy and composure. Andrew even began to suspect that she deliberately pulled the wedding, and they quarreled seriously. The second altercation occurred when choosing a style for a wedding dress. Andrew thought that neckline is too open, and Larissa replied that she was not in the monastery. And though she eventually agreed to the selected groom style, something messed up the cutter and tailor a dress with a plunging neckline. This enraged Andrew, they quarreled in the studio. At this time, Larissa did not make excuses and explain that it is not to blame. She ran up to me in tears and said that the wedding will not be with Andrew, they parted forever.
In order to comfort grief-stricken girlfriend, I persuaded her to come with me to the sea. On the way back to us in the compartment sat a guy, and I immediately noticed that he did not take his eyes with a light tan and prettier Larissa. I even went out several times to stand in the vestibule, so that they can talk. And what happened? A year later they were married. Ten years of Larissa and Paul live in a happy marriage, they have two children. And to Andrew, we have recently learned that he had already twice divorced. Both his ex-wife complained that the family was a tyrant and a despot, was not considered or whose opinion but their own, but the worst thing – he could raise his hand to his wife.
– The fate averted – and then repeated Larissa.
It turns out my intuition did not deceive, the propensity for violence Andrei has always been. I do not know what to call all of the accident, which prevented the wedding of a friend. Better than a sign of fate, perhaps, not name. After all, higher forces Larissa warned that it is not necessary to connect your life with this man, and thank God that in the end, she listened to them. Biographies of several people, including the inventor of the ad-pod Steve Jobs, who many years ago was fired from the Mac, and he founded his own company, which in the end and bought a Mac, includes the words – “If I had not then been fired, I would not … “options are different – the meaning is:” Whatever you do, all the better. ” So, it turns out that the troubles in our lives – it is such a magical, our defense, which on the one hand protects us, but on the other – makes you stronger.

Message from the world of dreams

The solution of a complex issue can come to us when we sleep. A classic case – the periodic system of chemical elements, open Dmitri Mendeleev. Likewise, Robert Louis Stevenson saw the story of his work “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” The scientist, Otto Loewy realized a dream of the chemical nature of transmission of excitation in the nerve fiber. In the dream, the mechanics of Elias Howe got the idea to create a sewing machine. Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Saint-Saens dreamed of tunes that they wrote down, waking in the morning.
And that’s the case in the life of my parents. My father led the major construction projects and often lived for long periods away from home. My mother always missed him greatly, and often had a presentiment of his coming, even if he did not tell her about it. Resorted to work early and began to cook a pie. “How do you know that my father coming?” – I asked. “You’ll laugh, but every time before his arrival, we sat on the ledge of a couple kissing doves” – my mother said. Oddly enough, usually pigeons on our ledge appeared very rarely. One day my mother had a dream that my father lying on the grass and sat on his chest a huge bird and does not give him up. “I think something happened to him,” – said my mother. Phone the Pope in the office did not respond, and cell phones did not yet exist. The same day, my mother met my father and went to the construction site. It turned out that the dream was prophetic: on the eve of the Pope suffered a heart attack and was taken to the hospital. After his mother’s arrival he was better.

Life – a book for divination

The universe may deliver us signs, not openly, but through other people, they talk through the things around us and events, at first glance, totally random. Probably each of us wondered at the book: you take that call the page and line, open and read what is written. Life – like a book that can suddenly open up any page that contains an omen, sent it to you. You just need time to hear and decipher it.

Coincidence or a sign?

Once in a bookstore, I bought a book about the signs of destiny. In it, as if in a dream book, held the fate of hundreds of different characters with a detailed interpretation. Located directly on the alphabet.
Watermelon – a sign of imminent arrival of relatives
Acrobat – a dream come true at the moment it is impossible
Birch – if it is small – expect a speedy resolution of problems. If the old birch and dry – to inspections on the job.
And so on until the end of the alphabet, can you imagine? It turned out that virtually every object around me could be a sign of destiny. From this perspective dizzy, and the belief that there are signs of fate in principle – for some time was lost. Dry birch, a circus acrobat, juicy watermelon – can all be signs of sdby or not? And how to distinguish normal from the birch tree birch tree, so to speak, a sign? Coincidence or fate?

Let’s deal!

If you start to interpret every little event, it is possible to reach the point of absurdity, and even to mental disorder. For example, if on the way out on a date with a guy you ran across the road a black cat, it does not mean that we should turn back. Even if you ran across the road three black cats, maybe it’s not omens, and that in your area a lot of black cats. Or what if the work does not turn on the computer in the morning. This does not mean that we should give up work and go home. But if the other computer and you do not turn on, and it happens every day, it is worth considering – if you want to work here? Maybe you have burdened The present-day duties and subconsciously you have been conceived to look for something else? Then you will understand everything correctly: someone out there in the higher realms, pushes you to the decisive step, as if to say to you: “Come on, do it!”. Signs of the fate of rare “walk” one by one. As a rule they exist in the system. One, two, three, as mycelium in the forest – you will find one outscore all. But to notice of the need to change the habitual focus, habitual view of the world, the usual route to the eye and mind. In general, to begin to notice the signs of destiny – you need to slightly change the most. “I have today is not the same as yesterday” – have fun bouncing on the stage singing Oleg Gazmanov. Well, we try to be like that. So, you have much more chance to see and feel the signs of destiny today if you:
– Make new hair style
– Change your usual route home from work to home in some other
– Dress in something new
– To communicate with new friends for you, or call the person who had not talked for a year
– Rearrange the furniture in the apartment
– Most will look at the sky, and not under his feet, and so on
The list can be extended to your inspiration. Good movie, exhibition, music, any positive emotions – it is also a great magnet for the signs of destiny. Someone help mascots. Some people – cooking a new dish.
Favorite your rituals – aromatic bath, favorite TV shows, a cup of coffee in a favorite cafe, delicious cake with cherries – unquestionably beautiful. But they are the main enemies of the signs of destiny. The actions that we repeat every day, comfortable for the psyche. But in terms of the subtle world – it is a matrix, which surrounds us on all sides and ensure predictability, in fact, deprive us of every nice bonuses and gifts of fate. So the first piece of advice for someone who wants to hear “the sound of stars” and “call of the universe” – to say goodbye to at least part of their favorite rituals. Thereby opening the door to change.

Why would it?
Another topic for research – is the interpretation of signs. You can certainly go to a fortuneteller or a psychic, and shift the responsibility on them by asking – what is it today you had a terrible dwarf. And you can “see” positivity decision itself. It’s not too difficult. Correctness criterion for decoding these messages is often a sense of the life of an important discovery or momentary lightness of the soul – as if a heavy load had fallen from his shoulders, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I want to cry “As I had not realized! Here it is – my way!”. And to go on his track easily and happily, even if it is not always straight.

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