The ten most painful bites

24 May

painful bitesThe entomologist at the University of Arizona Justin. Schmidt decided in 1984 to establish a scale of suffering caused by the bites of insects, called “index of Schmidt’s pain bites.” He himself was the patient of his study.

Schmidt established a ranking of 78 species of Hymenoptera, with 147 sorted by sensations of pain in a measure from zero to 4. Zero is for the insect bite that can not penetrate the skin. These are the ten most painful, with feelings and explanations of the expert:-

1. Bullet Ant

-A pure pain, intense and brilliant.

Like walking on hot coals-incasdencentes with three-inch rusty nails piercing the ankle.

-Scale: 4.0 + level.

2. Tarantula hawk wasp

-Blinding, fierce, shockingly electric.

-As if a hair dryer fell on your bubble bath.

-Scale: level 4.0.

3. Paper wasp

-Biting and burning. Distinctive bitter aftertaste.

-As spill hydrochloric acid on a cut caused by a role.

-Scale: Level 3.0.

4. Red harvester ants

-Strong and steady.

-As someone using a drill to excavate a hangnail. ”

-Scale: Level 3.0.

5. Honey Bee

As a match-flying and burning your skin.

-Scale: level 2.0.

6. Yellow jacket wasp

-Hot and smoky, almost irreverent.

-How to put out a cigarette on his tongue.

-Scale: level 2.0.

7. Hornet

Specifically, the variety “Bald-Faced Hornet” (Dolichovespula maculata).

-Overflowing, slightly crisp.

Similar to pinch-hand with the door.

-Scale: level 2.0.

8. Acacia ant

-A rare, piercing, elevated sort of pain.

As if somebody threw a staple to the cheek.

-Scale: level 1.8.

9. Fire Ant

-Sharp, sudden, mildly alarming.

-Like walking on a carpet of long hair and receive a shock.

-Scale: level 1.2.

10. Bee

-Light, ephemeral.

As a hair-pulling arm.

-Scale: level 1.0.

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