The Spear of Longinus

07 May

LonginusThis evening of March 1938, in Treasury Chamber of the Halfback Palace in Vienna, there were no guards to monitor the relics of the Holy Roman Empire, which belonged to the Habsburgs. Adolf Hitler was free to move in the great hall which had disturbed his dreams for over a quarter century. The Heilige Lance (“Lance Sacred”), which selont legend, was used by Longinus to Praetorian pierced Christ’s side was crucified, desomais between his hands.The hands of dictators lifted the lid of crystal which closed the window, she moved the prtection red velvet, and caressed the tip of the weapon, yet extraordinarily sharp, pui, after a moment’s hesitation, he and taken up to heaven.

Thus, more or less the things that passed that night in 1938. With an act called Anschluss, Hitler had forcibly annexed Austria to Nazi Germany, now it was easy to Take affected in Germany Heilige Lance, who, on the other hand, there was guarded in just over a century ago. But why, among all the treasures of the Hofburg, Hitler did he specifically to this ancient weapon? The Nazi Fuher was a fanatical amateur magic items, and he was deeply convinced that it existed ojects endowed with immense powers, and the possession or knowledge would have allowed Germany to become the dominant world. Among these objects there were also the Spear of Longinus, the weapon that, in the stories dedicated to King Arthur and the Holy Grail, had inflicted on the “Fisher King” the “Coup painful”, throwing England into desolation. The Heilige Lance was transferred to Nuremberg and placed in the church of St. Catherine, where the great composer Richard Wagner (also a big fan of initiation societies) had located one of the most evocative pieces of Die Meistersinger.

But the spear did not bring luck to the dictator fanatic. After the defeat at Stalingrad, Hitler ordered that she be transferred to a secret hideout in bomb-proof; the gallery in the ancient fortress of Nuremberg was chosen, equipped as a shielded room. On October 13, 1944 Allied aircraft unleashed a final attack on Germany, the Oberan Schmied Gasse (“upper Blacksmiths Way”), which was sealed the tunnel entrance with the shielded room, was completely destroyed. Someone noticed a strange opening that led to the basement, and soon the rumor that a shielded bunker mystyerieux was under the soil began to run. April 20, 1945 the allies occupied Nuremberg; his bourgemestre, Willy Lebel, who knew the hiding place of the spear, killed himself and someone raided her apartment to ensure that there was no evidence capable of U.S. to bring hidden bunker. But the men of the American intelligence did not give up the search: in fact, a few months earlier, Churchill spoke of “the Iportante strategic necessity” of the weapon recovered. At 2:10 p.m. on 30 April 1945, the same day that Hitler committed suicide in Berlin, the Heilige Lance was recovered by the Americans. General Patton later admitted that, for a moment he was tempted to keep it: in fact was also a connoisseur of things occult, and he was aware of his alleged powers. But common sense prevailed: the Heilige launches was returned to Austria, and it is still possible to adminer 9 to 18 pm daily except Sunday, at his place in the Hofburg Weltliche Schatzkamer Vienna.
The sword in ice
In test Adolf Hitler And The Secrets of the Holy Lance, released in extremely limited edition by a small publisher of Stelle, Illinois (a city, unbelievably, built by a sect believes that his followers will only to survive the Apocalypse), Colonel Howard A. Buechner and Capt. Wilhelm Bernhardt say that Himmler told secretly by a Japanese artist make a perfect copy of the ‘Sacred Lance. “In 1945 the false Heilige Lance was sent to Nuremberg, where the model undergoes vicissitudes that you just read the minutes, while the original was transported by a submarine, the U Boat 530 in a very secret hiding between the mountains of Glacier Muhlig Hiffman, Antarctica. The spear was recovered by a mysterious (and very organized) sect called “Orders of the Knights of the Sacred Lance,” and now it would be based in a new hiding place, monitored by the Knights, whose objective is – to our tranquility – to maintain “peace and justice in the world “.

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