The Mysterious Island Melville

01 May

MelvilleAustralian Island Melville is located adjacent to the island of Bathurst – the birthplace of the people of Tiwi. Strip of water separating the island from the mainland, has led to isolation from the rest of the tribe of the Australian population. Because of this prior to the first sustained contacts in the early XX century. Tiwi lived only in accordance with their traditions and customs.

In local mythology, there is a mystical period, the same “dream time”, when, with the participation of ancestors created the land, the social structure and religion of the island. The beginning of all was the appearance of a blind woman Mudungkaly, rose from the ground to the south-east of Melville. She crawled on the bare earth was formed because the strait separating the island from the mainland. Later she went to the south and disappeared, leaving three children, two daughters and a son Purukuparli. They were the ancestors of the people of Tiwi.

Purukuparli met his sister’s great-great-granddaughter Bimu and married her. Their son, Jinan, which was not given enough attention and care, soon died. Angered by the death of a child Purukuparli took his body to the shore and cast into the water. At the crash site formed a whirlpool, a progenitor of the people cursed the tribe, saying that from now on will be the death of the fate of each Tiwi.

Father bima, Tokvampini, became the founder Pukumani, the funeral ceremony of the body Purukuparli. That he is credited with the creation of funeral poles, bast baskets, spears and other objects. After the ceremony, presented Tokvampini other ancestors of the system of laws governing marriage and other social norms. His words spread across the island in the form of flowers, animals and stones, thus completing the process of its creation.

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