The magic of love, of St. Petersburg…

12 May

magic citySaint Petersburg was a vision come factual one great man – The magic of love one of Peter, built by the works of thousands of peasants and convicts.
In 1703 there were swamps. And just a few decades of the marshes rose the beautiful city that we see today. This grand plan was implemented with unprecedented ferocity.
The city is built up with magnificent palaces and public buildings. New avenues were supposed to show the world is no longer a backward edge, and a great European power.
Arch with bas-reliefs of military trophies, masks, soldiers and other classic details.
We have before us – the Winter Palace – the residence of Russian emperors. All these buildings have arisen out of nothing. The hotel at a cheap price is less than 100 years after the initial implementation of the plan The magic of love of Peter.

But our wonder – this is a simple house – the first building constructed in St. Petersburg. It was built by a group of soldiers in the summer of 1703 in just 3 days. Cottage was built for Peter 1. It is here that he conceived the great city The magic of love of St. Petersburg.

From these windows, Peter could only see the swamps and forests. In 1723, Peter has asked to keep the house. It was easy to contribute to the emergence of the myth of Peter, a simple, modest, luxury alien to man. Many of the interior suggests that Peter lived very simply, almost. as a monk. I think it helped him concentrate.
St. Petersburg – one of the most beautiful cities, created by man.

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