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10 May

hypothesis, AstralMore than 65 million years ago, a meteor the size of Halley’s comet, more or less 10 km in diameter touched the ground in a few seconds forming a crater 300 km wide and 24 deep. The impact lifted 200,000 km ³ of earth and rock, the provocation of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic and huge fires. Dust and smoke remained in the atmosphere for years causing global cooling.
Following this event between 65 and 70% of living beings on earth died out, among which the dinosaurs.
The crater is still, in the Yucatan, and this is one of the many craters on this Earth and that demonstrate how our planet too, in addition to the Moon and Mars, was and still is the target celestial body.

Until 50 years ago the possibility of a celestial body may fall on Earth was considered science fiction and whoever imitates was a catastrophic hypothesis, which was viewed as contrary to progress. Over time the opinions of doom were increasingly using the snuff into account evidence which did not fail, just look at Meteor Crater in Arizona. Tumbuska in 1908, in Siberia, a mass of ice 100 m in diameter fell from the sky. The impact released a force 600 times greater than the Hiroshima bomb that destroyed in seconds 1800 km ² of forest, if he had fallen on Paris or London there would be nothing left. Years pass and the presence of meteorites are true beyond a shadow of a doubt. In 1972 a rock 80 meters in diameter out of the atmosphere without causing damage and a celestial body in 1992 was filmed when he disintegrates a few kilometers from the earth. Other “small pebbles” dangerous were found in different parts of the world. One of them is particularly interesting.

In the Quran, there is talk of an Aid who scoffed at by Allah and his fault the city over which he reigned; Unbar was destroyed by a “Black Cloud” carried by a powerful wind. In 1932 Harry Sr. John “Abdullah” Philly found in the desert of the Arabian Peninsula a strange area where coexisted remnants of black glass, rock fragments and fragments of white iron. The place was called by the Arab Al-Hadida (the iron thing) and it was the site of the city of Unbar (as in English estropierent Weber). The city had been hit and destroyed immediately by a meteorite impact at the time of exploded into at least three pieces. One of these pieces weighing about 2200 kg was transferred to Riyadh, King Saud University, and is still exposed in the capital of Saudi Arabia. According to the scientific Elizabeth Thomsen as the Kaaba, the sacred black stone, object of worship of Muslims to Mecca preserved, would be a piece of impact from the destruction of Urbar-Wabar.

Another stone fell on the earth to Ensile in 1492, she weighed only 130 kg but it soon became famous thanks to the impression of a collection of some almanac dilettante a poet, Sebastian Brant, published in the city of Basel. The fall of the meteorite number 21 published in the Almanac of Brant was considered the sign of the glory of the Emperor Maxi lien, the divine sign for the declaration of war and the France for war against the Turk and the prophetic sign death of the father of the emperor, Frederick.

Brant, given the economic success of his almanac written in Latin, began printing in the vernacular German opening the bourgeois world and he decided to change jobs: as a poet he became perhaps the first “journalist” that we have the trace. After being painted by Darer in 1500 the stone was studied by Paracelsus who in Libber Meteoric concludes that the meteorites were formed objects from the condensation of the sky, an assertion that drew the ire of citadel of Basel who saw the stone as a divine miracle.

Each year there are 12,000 celestial bodies up to 1 m in diameter that fall on the earth, but around the Earth is thousands of celestial bodies that revolve with an unstable orbit, some of which are over 2000 m in diameter.

Despite the fact that 90% of the Earth is not inhabited these phenomena are almost under the eyes of everyone. To take only the example in Italy in recent years: in 1988 a meteorite fell at the entrance to the space industry Aerially while in 1996 a meteorite weighing 10 kg has sunk into a fields in Fermi in front of some people. The meteorite is preserved in the museum of the small town of Solana. Other impacts were actually unfolded before the eyes of all inhabitants of the earth. In July 1994 the comet Shoemaker-Levy went and crashed on the surface of Jupiter. This impact has to have more realistic effects of a collision with a cosmic body as reconstructed by computer.

Until a few years ago we confiscate about 200 asteroids “dangerous” as close to Earth that had a diameter of about 1 km, but when the results of data recoilless by the system of artificial satellites called “Defensive Shield” or ” star wars “were made plubliques, much has changed. These satellites put into orbit around the Earth in the early 80’s by NASA to monitor any activity space of the “enemy” Russian refueled have information not only on the activity of Russian but also on the move around the Earth other celestial bodies never known before. The new asteroids “hazardous” are around 800, they were discovered in recent years and these are added sizing a comet with a diameter ranging from 1 to 10 km and that cross Earth’s orbit and a in determiner number of comet called “long period” because they come and go in the solar system at intervals so great What can calculate the period and they have not yet been studied.

In addition to the Earth in the solar system, there are two other planets, Jupiter and Saturn, which are so large that they attract the astral body from outside the solar system and alter their orbits, as was the for example in 1994 the comet Schumacher Lady who crashed into Jupiter. the Solar System, which until a few years ago was regarded as an orderly system and accurate, is now revealed as something much closer to a huge pool table where millions of balls run from one side to another clashing and pushing other balls into new orbits. Think that the Earth can pass through this unscathed, is like thinking to cross a highway blindfolded without being stamped.

In recent years, the scientific community began to see these celestial projectiles as real threats and some observatories have begun to monitor the body, say in the jargon NEO (Near Earth Object = Near-Earth Objects). Government commitment is very poor when you consider that a nation like Britain has only three people who deal with this problem and since 2000 only.

About the possibility of cataclysms and extinctions that could take place still inspires a certain repulsion, it’s like when you do not want to go to the dentist because you know you have a decayed tooth, but it is useless to pretend anything, the problem exists and it is a terrible threat and rich past.

Paleontologist John Seekonk discovered certain repetitiveness in the mass destruction that took place on Earth. Every 26 million years a red dwarf star called Nemesis revolving around the Sun would pass near the cloud Orate disrupting millions of comets that may travel to the sun and then toward the earth. If this was so since the Cambrian there were 23 catastrophes of cosmic origin. At least five of this mass destruction has been accepted by paleontologists.

During the Paleozoic Era is found in two, there are a 435 and the other there are 360 million years, which caused the deaths of tens of thousands of species of marine organisms.

The third took place there 250 million years, 95% of all living things were destroyed and it took 10 million years for life reasserts itself on the earth;

During the Mesozoic era, there are 205 million years, almost all reptiles and amphibians were destroyed;

At the end of the Mesozoic era, there are 65 million years, dinosaurs were destroyed and with them also disappeared 65% of living species.

In the 70 to Walla Valley in Washington State, USA, geologist Richard Waitt discovered traces of sediment in the basaltic rocks, indicating that a large mass had struck and broken rocks, leaving the sediment. The cause was attributed to the glacial lake Missoula: a lake dam would have collapsed submerging western Montana, northern Idaho and eastern Washington State that is to say an area corresponding to the surface of Romania. The fact came to the end of the last glaciations, but what had caused?

According to computer analysis if a body of a diameter equal to 1500 m fell into the sea 25 miles south of New York while the New England would be destroyed by a wave of water, mud and vapor. It is possible that events of its kind to be held in the past and did not leave a trace?

A population of North America, the Uses, narrates a legend that their ancestors laurel saw a chariot of fire falling on Coon Mountain. It is exactly here that this is the Meteor Crater, or dull Devil. With a depth of about 200 m wide and a kilometer is believed to have been produced by a meteor than a hundred meters in diameter. So Ute legend, is more than imagination, this is a visual testimony transmitted orally from one that happened 20 000 years ago.

But these events happened long ago they still hold true? Is it possible that the current state of knowledge people does not care about these potential dangers, and we exceed that in the era of global communication nobody tells us? Yes, it is possible, very possible the same, being given that no one’s interest to initiate alarms against a danger unpredictable and unavoidable. Better a blind fatalism that unnecessary alarmism.

It is now accepted in the entire scientific world that an asteroid touched the earth there are 65 million years, we can deduce unequivocal traces of iridium present in the crater that led to the Yucatan, and in surrounding grounds and even impact in Italy. In terrestrial rocks there is a small yellow band called KT that shows the boundary between the Cretaceous and Tertiary when the astral body knocked the earth.

The dust raised by the impact obscured the sun for a few years, photosynthesis was interrupted, and murmured plants species became extinct in the chain, these species were the Dinosaurs The debate over the size of the asteroid è still open but when we talk about what happened there 65 million years ago in November 1996, a celestial body dimensions of “dangerous” for the continuation of life in case of impact passed very close to the Earth at risk even at the last moment from being drawn into its orbit. So nobody, until the last minute and did not know if that would have gone this celestial body. This is perhaps an oversight but no news organization has warned the world’s population. Yet it would have been a sacred “shot” commercial for the press! We had news of the danger avoided in some small news from newspapers and video three months later in January and February 1997.

Unfortunately it was not an isolated case or avoids danger or wrong information because after three appeared the following news: “a grad asteroid narrowly missed the Earth – The Times of London wrote. According to the astronomers at Cornell University Puerto Rico, the asteroid would 2000QW7 last Friday (01/09/2000) at approximately 4 million km from Earth, a small distance in term space. For astronomers discover 2000QW7, from the belt between Mars and Jupiter, is important to look closely at a potentially hazardous asteroid”

It’s the world we live in, where we get up every morning, we breakfast and we go to work, if we were told that in a month an asteroid could destroy part of the Earth would we still concerned about paying the bills? Which would still work? Political stability, economic and religious it still exist? Who should take the commitment to inform and divert the dream lives of millions if not billions of people? Since there are no antidotes to these falls, which would assume the duty to warn the world that may be dying? Not to mention what would happen if an alarm “was empty”, to avoid danger at the last moment. Who would dare to take responsibility for security and error calculations?

The virtual destruction of the human race occurred at once for reasons still unknown, but easily attributable to a collision with an astral body, also comes from the world of medicine. Ulf Glisten, Swedish University of Uppsala, has led a research group on the genetic makeup of 53 people with backgrounds different ethnic and geographical. By studying the sequence of acid (DNA) inherited from the mother and present in 53 patients we have seen that the genetic materiel develops over time. As mt DNA is inherited from the mother and change regularly over time, it can be used as “molecular clock” for the study of human history. The article published in the journal Nature informs us that the original strain of humanity was in Africa and that although 100,000 years for the world’s population is greatly expanded, about 40,000 years ago is was reduced to a sudden 40,000 people.

An additional support to the theory of the sudden destruction of a part of the human race comes also a Maya manuscript in the collection The Loon, which is now in the British Museum. This manuscript informs us that “during the year 6 Kan, 11 Mukluk, during the month of Zach, there were earthquakes until 13 Chuan. Land of Mud Hill and the land of MU were sacrificed. Two hills disappeared…. The remaining land, were identified several times and then they collapsed to new as well. 64 million people died, 8,000 years before this writing. ”

These are the words digital it happened a few thousand years ago, in historic times, and the number of people who died.

Today the numbers would hardly be lower.

In December 1997 an American researcher, Jim Scotty discovered an asteroid named later 1997XF which, according to the present calculation, in 2028 will rise at a distance “dangerous” for the Earth that is to say close enough to be drawn into the Earth orbit and fall on the Earth.

But 1997XF11’re not alone, here are some asteroids more than 300 m in diameter considered “dangerous” who approach the Earth in the coming years:
07/08/2027 1999AN10 asteroid, 1km diameter, scheduled distance equal to the Earth-Moon distance;
26/10/2028 1997XF11 asteroid, 2km diameter, 2.5 times the distance separating the Earth from the Moon;
14/07/2060 Asteroid Nereus, diameter 900 m, distances 3.2 times that of Earth to the Moon;
Asteroid 1999RQ36 23/09/2060, 300 meters diameter 2.5 times the distance Earth-Moon.

But it is here that asteroids discovered in recent years (the date of discovery is reported in the first issue of their name). To those to add the ones that have been discovered but which we know nothing: about a thousand a year.

Meanwhile AN10 I recall that the only impact of a celestial body with a diameter of 75 m on Earth would destroy a city like Milan causing a crater of 1.7 km, an asteroid with a diameter of 350 m would destroy the entire metropolitan area Milan with a crater 7 km, while the fall in the sea cause waves over 40 m; a body with a diameter of 700 m would destroy all Lombardy leaving a crater 12 km while at sea it can cause waves to engulf the whole earth; a body with a diameter of 1.7 km depurate throughout Italy, and would leave a crater 30 km, this would impact on the Earth’s climate and depurate layer of Ozone, an asteroid with a diameter 3 km would destroy Italy, France and Spain leaving a crater 60 km, the dust raised obscursiait the sun and climate change on Earth.

If one considers that the land area there are hundreds of impact craters, some of which have a diameter greater than 100 km may have quickly deduced that during his life the Earth has received many visits violent left marks.

The unifying theory of geology, tectonics plates, is based on human law of gradualism that Natural Non Facet Septum (nature does not jump). Unfortunately this is a law humane, just, fair, but not always connectable with reality.

It is also true that nature does not proceed by leaps, but it is also true that external agents like the celestial bodies, have caused the rebound, often destructive in the sense, the process of nature.

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