The Gate Project Phenomenon

10 May

phenomenaStudy and analyze some electromagnetic phenomena that trap in the ocean, at certain key points of the globe. According to the witness’ evidence of the scientific group, when they were shipped to about 15 miles from the San Francisco Bay in California, they measured a magnetic activity as about 15 meters from their boat. Then a thin layer of fog and low formed at least one meter of water surface, and she made ready as a rectangular platform. Then gradually it spread and assumed an ovoid shape. Then the strange structure began to rotate clockwise, until it takes the appearance of a spiral from the center of energy.

The project name (Gate = gate input) is that, ultimately, those present had the feeling that the center of this training movement was about to ovary and she wanted to literally cover their ship.

According to scientists, this phenomenon repartee with some evidence and testimony valid since the past century and may be linked to the disappearance of many aircraft, ships and persons occurred in recent years in some areas of the Earth, including the infamous Triangle Bermuda, which scientists believe the project is not geographically stable, but it can occur anywhere in the ocean.

The basic question of the project is: what is the Vortex energy? Why imprison them? Are space-time tunnel?

The project began in 2001 and was completed in the second quarter of 2004 to draw a global map of area where the phenomenon has manifested itself and as an attempt to analyze the origin and development of this extraordinary source energy.

Currently in 2011, curiously, this project is no longer anywhere, as if it had been completely forgotten. Yet it was at that time Professor Ivan Lima who had contacted me to talk to me about this project. Today, this episode of his life was totally erased from his biography and adventure if you ask him something about it; it responds with panic in his voice, I do not see what you mean…..

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