The first land animals were not able to move

28 May

land animalsThe first land animals were not running were not able to move around the earth, just as do modern amphibians. To such conclusion scientists recreated in the computer, the anatomy of first land creatures.
Experts have studied the remains of creatures called ihtiostega. These animals lived about 360 million years ago, considered a transitional link between fish and amphibians. So far, the scientists view was that the land ihtiostega more or less uniformly used all four limbs, and her gait did not differ from gait, such as salamanders.

To test this thesis, the authors of the new detail to recreate the structure of the skeleton ihtiostegi. Available to scientists remains were partially immersed in the rock, so the researchers used the technology of computed tomography. Experts were able to get the image on the basis of which they have constructed the skeleton of the animal.

Scientists have concluded that ihtiostegi limbs could not move as freely as the salamander limb. According to the authors, when moving on land first land creatures relied on his front paws, pulling him to the rest of the body. Hindquarters ihtiostegi made the motion, the motion resembling a seal.

The new findings will make scientists reconsider their essential idea of ​​the early evolution of terrestrial creatures. In the future, authors plan to recreate the look ihtiostegi, which will include not only the skeleton, and soft tissue.

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