The chemical trails

09 May

chemical, trailsA number of people are already interested in the phenomenon of chemical trails or Chemistries in Europe, with a little more interest for Italy, but personally I took a greater awareness of the phenomenon after reading an article on Nexsus, which illustrated in a succinct but detailed the phenomenon in some respects totally new to us, but very old in other countries of the globe, including the U.S., and it can not be otherwise. The information related to the chemical trails, are not complicated or irreparable, while he who has a PC and an Internet connection can discover many of them, and will probably remain a bit stunned by the information that it will draw. New on chemical trails we arrive in the United States since 1996 but you can even go back to 1995, since the phenomenon was well circumscribed identified. Researchers who have had the perseverance to continue their observations and research, have once again slipped on the Cover Up, which hinders the decade since the road of free information, requesting information on official and unofficial bodies, whose answers are always the same: the trails are the result of condensation of the exhaust of jet aircraft, consisting primarily of water and ice, and alleged that they take the forms in the sky are due only in winds condition their developments! These sources do not speak of “paranoid fantasy of constipations” but some are sure that these explanations do not reflect the truth, but it would not be the first time! We must prove that around this problem, there is a kind of apparent disinterest in fact it fails to rectilinear information interesting, no one asks the question on what exactly are these white streaks running through the heavens, but Perhaps it depends there are few information themselves sent to the media, who are consequently misinformed about what is happening around them. I’ll try to illustrate what these information recoilless many hours of reading and research on this phenomenon, noting that in our region also chemistries phenomenon is alive and well. It may well observe the trail during the beautiful days when the sky is clear or very light rain, and can be observed jet that normally happens sometimes leaving behind trails which expand almost immediately by other aircraft against leaves traces clearly visible in the sky! These do not disperse in the air, on the contrary they take training and development that is to say a trail much white as milk and straight, it becomes a little clearer later, but widens at its center, often uniting with another present or streaks mingling with other body nuagueux. It was noted that one or more apparition trail also leads in the minutes following a sudden change of the sky with a cloud in the presence stets who was not there just before! Certain person told that shortly after the appearance of streaks sometimes follows a spray of rain. It has been observed many of these particular formations in the sky and the most diverse forms: parallels X, mesh, cross, curved, with several changes, and in a few minutes the sky above as I change the have said, by creating layered cloud formations, leaving the sky a milky white color.

A Sunday in September I noticed around 18:00 passage 6 jet airplanes North east producing all these trails and all at a distance of about two minutes of each other.
On Tuesday, two aircraft passed each other thus forming a perfect X … of course … this may sound stupid things, especially if you’ve never read anything about the chemical trail, but just as it happened to me after a few readings interstates, some doubts may begin to arise in your mind. There are many hypotheses of why these spray into the sky, one of them, and this is what I have read most commonly on various website and magazine dealing with the question of interest is that drag are related to some form of flu, this is also issued by certain disease control center in the USA who defined some of these forms as due grapples “agent pathogen unknown” and the test results in places where they met these forms of influenza, resulting in the specific tests to be virus free! Hypothesis? Assumption? Maybe, but think for a moment that this is true but unknown results, then?
Unfortunately, I realized that this phenomenon also undergoes immediate vilification from the different channels of information, but are we sure that this is only theory? or so of “ghost” story is a fertile ground on the internet? or as “paranoid conspiracy” we just stand by and watch and never ask why nothing, live and do worse at least for those who want to do what they like? An almost perfect synthesis! Fortunately, it is not so, I think all of us the freedom to think, read, write without offending course what he wants, or it is not so? From my point of view each search new or old I am passionate fascine me, and I always want to understand its evolution, and that’s what I do with this phenomenon, photographing, reading, interviewing or doing any other thing that can be useful to understand what is true or is not, but I want to be free to do so, without any conditioning, let alone that of misinformation. That’s why I apesentir on a topic for which I am still under study seems premature, to acquire more information and material to the offer you will be more satisfying for me and for you who follow me, avoid So the saturation! For one who has been “taken” by this information, without doubt he will look at the sky with more attention and for other reasons although meteorites, shooting stars or UFOs …

But a search can be done at several, if you have information on your side or if the subject interests you, you can always join “forces” ….

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