The Ark of the Covenant

06 May

The scene takes place on a sacred mountain of ancient Egypt in the Sinai Peninsula, along a path which access is forbidden to ordinary mortals. Kneeling before a burning bush, Moses the prophet is listening to the orders of the God of Israel. “You shall make an ark of acacia wood and you recoverable the pure gold. And inside you shall put the Testimony that I will give you,” commands the Lord Yahweh.And Moses obeyed. Aided by the faithful Bzaleel, and following the instructions to the letter of his God, the Hebrew patriarch built a box of 125 cm long by 75 tall and wide and it covers it with pure gold, both the inside and outside. He therefore covers a golden lid, called propitiatory. Above, he places two statuette representing the cherubim. And sides of the box it fits 4 rings so you can transport it easily, without touching, inserting sticks.

Inside the ark of testimony, the most sacred object of the Hebrew religion, the prophet files a little manna gathered in the wilderness, the magic wand with which were also loud against the seven wounds Egypt and separated the waters of the Red Sea, but Surtour the Tablets of the Ten Commandments, a tangible sign of the covenant with God.
A terrible weapon of war
If one reads the biblical book of Exodus, we find that, from that moment, Moses imposes on his people, to guard the sacred object, a series of terrible weapon provisions incomprehensible as accurate . The ark is kept by the son of Aaron and the Levites can not get approached as the priests have not covered, during the exodus the box will be located inside a tent of the Lord (a temple-removable) during stops and brought to the front of the people during the marches, nobody will ever touch it. E above, at times, be responsible only to Moses to use in revealing God to the throne in the space between the two cherubim.

The provisions of Moses were followed to the letter until a disappearance of the ark, probably occurred in 587 BC That year, indeed, the Babylonian armies had defeated the Hebrews and they stripped them of all their possessions. Before then, once reached the Promised Land, the Levites placed the ark in the sancta sanctorum, a very secret underground cell of 20 by 20 elbows in the Temple of Jerusalem.

Nobody could access it and the ark itself was shown to the public equiproportionality.

The reason for all this secrecy is related to the dangerous and uncontrollable power attributed to this object.

It was said that the ark, at times, was haloed with light and could then unleashed the power of God, destroying thousands of people. The way this happened is not really clear. But certainly, if we lend credence to the old chronicles blibliques, with the arch-headed the Hebrews managed to wipe out tens of hostile tribes met during the exodus in the desert of Sinai. The biblical account in this connection we present a real war report: the lightning of the ark would have destroyed the armies of Girgashites, Hivites, Jubuséens and another dozen people who lived in the band of Canaan in the thirteenth century aC

What was exactly the divine wrath, we do not really know. In some of the Bible is pasages implies the present of a destroying angel misidentified, while the different verses of Exodus and in the Second Book of Samuel, speaking clearly that whoever touched the ark would die touched by God . As it happened, so the son of Aaron, though it was just them the expert to the custody of the relic, and a certain Oza who wished to prevent the ark from falling over during transportation, caught with their hands and died on the instant, to general consternation.

But the biggest win of the arch is the destruction of the city of Jericho. About this episode the Book of Joshua is very clear. By order of God pedant 6 jous the armies of Israel, guided by seven priests bearing seven whirlwind of ram’s horn and the ark of the covenant, turned around cyclopean bastions. “And the seventh day, when the tornadoes struck, the walls collapsed,” says the Bible.
A battery of Leyden?
Assuming the veracity of these episodes, what type of explanation we can give, beyond the easy assumption of God’s intervention?
According to the French writer Robert Charroux “the ark was nothing more than an impressive weapon can generate electric power. We must not forget that Moses, when he was educated as future Pharaoh, had received the Egyptian priests of deep-esoteric concept alchimico of chemistry, physics and meteorology, in order to agree with some of the miracles attributed to him. the ark could be a kind of safe power capable of producing high discharge the order of 500 to 700 volt … ”

“The ark was made of acacia wood – writes researcher – and covered with gold inside and outside. It is with this same principle to build electrical capacitors, separated by an insulator which in this case was the wood. The ark was deposited in a dry area, where the natural magnetic field reaches the normal 600 volts per vertical meter, and was loaded. His own garland may be used to charge the capacitor. For the move the Levites spent two gold bars in the rings, so that the ground ghirlande conduction occurs by the earth naturally, safely discharging. Isolated, sometimes the arch-ray halo of fire, of lightning, and when it got hit, it gave terrible shocks. In practice it behaved exactly like a stack of Leiden … ”
In seeking God Radio
According Charroux, therefore, the ark was nothing but an electric weapon built based on ancient knowledge lost and kept only by the Egyptian Initiates. Again, thanks to this knowledge, which for the Swiss popularizer Enrich Von Daniken was actually of extraterrestrial origin, Moses built a propitiatory which functioned as a transistor radio. Only in this way, for the writer, that would explain the fact that Moses could speak as a friend with the Lord God.
God Radio
These amazing benefits could then exdpliquer the obvious interest of other people to the holy ark.
The temple of Jerusalem, which was guarded the sacred relic, was sacked repeatedly: in 925 BC by the Egyptian pharaoh’s Shoshenq I in 797 by King Jehoash of Israel, in 621 by the Chaldean and Babylonian armies.

When will that be gone, we do not really know. It is almost certain that when in 516 BC, the prefect Zerubbabel rebuilt the Temple in Jerusalem, the ark was no longer there.

Or at least prominently, according to Israeli Rabbi Shlomo Goren, convinced that the ark is still in the sancta sanctorum actuellent, having escaped the ravages of the invaders.

“It would be enough to dig which would correspond to its former situation – says Goren – Unfortunately currently this area arises the plain of Islamic mosques in Jerusalem and the religious authorities prefer to avoid all archaeological excavations to avoid friction with Muslims …”
Among the king of Solomon
According to another version, recounted in the chronicles dated fourteenth century Ethiopian Kebra Nagast, or Glory of Kings, the ark would be in Axum, Ethiopia.Solomon It would be some who would Menelik led, tradition said that he would be born of the marriage of King Solomon with Makeda, the Queen of Sheba. The son of the Ethiopian young and comely, in agreement with a handful of rebels Hebrew, stole the ark in the carrying secretly in Axum, And through the powers of the latter, the Falashas of Menelik, that is to say the Hebrew of Ethiopia, have effortlessly raised hundreds of tons of gigantic obelisks erected at Axum.

This story fascinated dozens of researchers who set out on the trail of the Ark, the archaeologist Indiana Jones Vendil Hebrew, who inspired the character namesake film, the English scientist Graham Hancock, an expert on histoie Templar convinced that the ark was kept in a chapel in Lake Tana in Ethiopia.

Unfortunately, each of the 20,000 Ethiopian Coptic churches keep a copy of the ark. find the authentic is like finding a needle in a haystack.
Three Italian
But perhaps that three Italians were successful in this desperate enterprise.
These professors Vincenzo Francavaglia, director of the CNR (National Research Centre) for the technologies applied to Cultural Heritage, Giuseppe Infrance University of Reggio Calabria and the architect Paolo Alberto Rossi of the Polytechnic Institute of Milan .

“In 1990 we were at Axum with an official invitation from the Ethiopian government – told the teacher Francavaglia the press – and, after a series of ceremonies, a meeting with Abuna, the highest religious authority, was organized. It received us with the ornaments solemn and it leads us to visit an old Christian church St. Mary of Zion in Axum, a church built in the seventeenth century by the Emperor Fasiladas … Behind the main altar, protected by a canopy of red velvet embroidered, there was the ark. Abouna absolutely did not want us to watch. But one young clerk opened the tent and we could see a dark wooden box, about a meter long and a height of 60 cm, with a gable roof. There was more gold leaf and the area was even worse. Hardly Abouna saw that we were to observe the ark, he rebuked severely the clerk, ordering him to immediately lower the canvas … ”

According to the Coptic religion, indeed, it is permissible for anyone to see the ark. It is said that even Emperor Haile Selassie, who had expressed the desire to see it opposed a firm refusal. And we also say that access to the room of the arch is made to a single generation by Abouna …
Harbinger of the end times
Curiously all these stories seem to forget what is written in the Bible in the second book of Maccabees, when they tell in detail how the prophet Jeremiah, who ascended the Mount Nebo, decided to hide the Ark “in a den “was then walled up, probably to shield the precious objects of the fury of the armies of the Babylonian kings Nebuchadnezzar, who in 587 BC Jerusalem. The same Jeremiah, probably repenting his decision, would never have to find the where he had hidden the ark.

The story of the sacred relic, therefore, is born and dies within the Bible itself, without any appeal to the assumptions of passionate hunters of the Lost Ark. But we must not lose hope. Also in the text bliblique in the Apocalypse, it says that the ark réapparaaîtra the days of the Last Judgment. At that time “The temple of God and reopen the ark will appear between the clouds.” But perhaps, at that moment, hunting for the Ark will lose its importance …

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