The ancient underground tunnels

20 May

caveThe ancient underground tunnels wrapped in a web of nearly the entire globe, was born thanks to the event, what happened in 2003 As a result of the validation data, it was found that the life jacket is really belonged to Sema Belovsky. But how this thing could get out of the waters of Indian Ocean water lost in the depths of the lake in central Russia, breaking the distance of 4000 kilometers, and it is a straight line? And then there was an incredible version of the existence of ancient underground tunnels that connect remote areas of the Earth. But who paved the way these underground when and for what purpose remains a mystery story.
Not once, not one student drew attention to the existence, along with the lines underground, mine workings and natural caves, underground cavities created by ancient civilizations, as it were by our predecessors. It is not just about giant halls, machining the walls of which almost completely hide the secondary natural processes (stalactites and stalagmites, sinters and cracks).
Besides these, there are linear structures – ancient tunnels. Interestingly, at the beginning of this century, has considerably increased the frequency of finds of fragments of these “crossings” in different parts of our planet.
In order to identify the ancient tunnels, you need versatile geological knowledge of the natural processes of transformation of the earth’s crust and underground cavities that occur during the development of the planet, as well as the technique of man-made underground rabot. Odnako identification is real. First of all, the ancient tunnels differ from the objects of natural origin and modern facilities constructed under the ground, a more accurate treatment of the walls (mainly wall cavities melted), a clear direction and orientation.
Just enter into confusion enormous size of ancient tunnels and their prohibitive antiquity, yet inaccessible to human understanding. Approximate date of their appearance to announce the one not taken, but we can assume that the ancient tunnels were laid at different times. Let’s look at some actual information available about the ancient underground mines and tunnels.

Ancient tunnels in Ukraine, Russia, the Caucasus and Western Europe

The Crimean peninsula is dotted with caves, but one of the most popular – Marble Cave, rises 900 meters above sea level in the mountain Chater-Dag. Going down into the cave, many tourists and speleologists dvadtsatimetrovy meets a huge hall in the form of a pipe. At the moment, half-filled hall collapsed during the earthquake boulders and filled karst deposits. In the splendor of stalagmites stalactites coming down to meet the few notices that a huge “corridor” – this is actually an ancient tunnel with smooth machined walls, padded interior mountain towards the sea.
The walls of the tunnel are not damaged by erosion and have no karst cavities. We can see the destroyed part of the underground structure, starting at km altitude from the level of the Black Sea and going nowhere.
If we take into account that the Black Sea basin was formed as a result of the fall of a large asteroid (it happened about 30 million years ago), which destroyed most of the Crimean Mountains, the assumption that the Marble Cave is a preserved part of the ancient tunnel is appropriate. The very same tunnel cut through the entire mountain range, whose age is about 30 million years, but was destroyed by an asteroid.

Crimean cavers have found a huge cavity under the top of the mountain Ai-Petri and ancient tunnels that connect the Crimean peninsula and the Caucasus.
In turn, ufologists Caucasus region have opened a network of tunnels beneath the ridge Uvarov, located opposite the mountain Arus. Two of them deserve special attention. The direction of one of the found of the ancient tunnels – the Crimean peninsula. The other was stretched across the Volga to Krasnodar, Eisk and Rostov on Don. During the expedition in the Krasnodar region was also recorded an offshoot of the main branch, directed to the Caspian Sea. However, the expedition failed to provide a more detailed report.
In the Volga region since 1997, conducted the expedition “Kosmopoisk,” which examined in detail the well-known Medveditsa ridge. Already found dozens of kilometers of tunnels branching network, which are round, sometimes oval, shape in cross section. Diameter of the “underground corridor” varies from 7 to 20 meters, while the entire length of sustained constant width. In addition, the direction of the surface also varies from 6 to 30 meters deep into the mountain range. Approaching the most ancient hill diameter tunnel is gradually increased from 22 to 80 meters, and is most directly from the hill, he is 120 meters. Under the Mountain cavity transformed into a huge hall, from which, having a different direction, there are three tunnels, each seven meters in diameter.
It becomes obvious that Medveditskaya Mountain – a junction “of the ancient underground”, in which the ancient tunnels converge from different regions. From here you can get and the Caucasus and the Crimea, and Russia to the north, and then through the New Earth in North America.

Some ufologists are confident that the tunnels are used today as the highways of UFO vehicles, but to attribute authorship of the latter is not necessary. VP Miroshnichenko, in his book “The Legend of the LSP” states that the whole of Russia, including the territory of the Crimea, the Far East, the Urals, Altai and Siberia is dotted with ancient tunnels. The case for small – to discover and explore.
The Caucasus can also boast the presence of mysterious tunnels, shafts. We are talking about the valley in the Gelendzhik, where the five-foot, perfectly straight, stretching vertically to a depth of more than one hundred meters, the mine, with a smooth, polished walls, though. The nature of processing of the walls suggests that they are impacted, and thermally and mechanically the same time. As a result, the surface formed a very strong layer thickness of 1 – 1 5 mm, which is impossible to replicate even with modern high-tech devices. Among other things, the mine recorded an increased radiation background. Perhaps it is connected to the vertical branch of an ancient horizontal tunnel that leads to Medvedkovo ridge in the Volga region.
To date, declassified materials on construction in the 1950s, a tunnel through the Tatar Strait, which would connect the mainland with the island of Sakhalin? After the war, Soviet Council of Ministers decree on the construction of the railroad was “classified”, but LS Berman – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, working there at that time, in 1991, said that builders primarily engaged in construction is not, and the recovery has already laid the ancient tunnels built with all the geological features of the bottom of the strait. Builders also found strange objects, strange mechanisms iokamenelye animal remains, which immediately disappeared into secret bases. It is possible that this ancient tunnel extending to Japan via Sakhalin Island.
From the expanses of Russia moved to the open spaces of Poland and Slovakia, namely the Western Beskid mountain range to the very highest point of them – Babyu mountain. Residents of nearby villages to keep the secret of great antiquity, connected with this mountain.

One of the guards said that in the 60s of last century, he and his father and his insistence on the left for the mountains. There, at an altitude of 600 meters, they have removed the protruding rock, which hid the entrance to the tunnel. The tunnel was so high that there could easily enter not only a horse and cart, but the whole train. Oval cavity was dry and it looked like the glass walls, so they were smooth. After going down the aisle, father and son were in a large barrel-shaped room, which came out a few of the tunnels of different shape in cross section (triangular and round).
From the words of his father followed that of the ancient tunnels can be reached at different points of the planet. On the left tunnel to get to Germany, England and America. The right also leads to the territory of Russia, the Caucasus, China and Japan, and then to the Americas, where he met with the left tunnel.
It remains a mystery, by whom and for what purpose have been constructed tunnels. But it is clear that the creatures that inhabit our planet millions of years ago, and possibly hidden in the bowels of the present day, had a more profound knowledge than the knowledge of semiconductors, diodes, d226, its characteristics, operating conditions and storage. And the knowledge we are not open yet.

Western Beskydy a junction from which departs several tunnels that connect in the Americas. But this is not the only ancient underground pipeline, leading to America. To date, ufologists known about the ancient tunnels, laid under the North and South poles of the earth. Each tunnel has a nodal station, similar to those found in the Beskydy. There is information that underground cavities are still used vehicles UFOs.
British miners, paving the tunnel for business needs, heard strange sounds similar to the sounds of running machinery, wafting from the bottom. Breaking through the stone wall, the miners saw the ladder, goes into the mine wells, from which even more strongly heard strange sounds. On further developments are no longer reported. But, probably, the observed vertical shaft is part of an ancient horizontal tunnel leading into Germany. And the accompanying sounds indicate its current operation.
The American continent is no exception. On the contrary, this area boasts a large number of horizontal and vertical shafts, the walls are just melted and ground. The famous American scholar Andrew Thomas is sure that the lines towards the ancient tunnels dotted the continent as a Swiss cheese.
One of the so-called inter-continental sites, which connects several mines, leading to the states of California and New Mexico, is at Mount Shasta. Proof of their existence is a situation in which the spouses visited Iris and Nick Marall. In the highlands Diablo Cazaux, located near the town of Bishop, his wife entered the cave with a perfectly flat floor and walls. The cave is illuminated by weak light rays that penetrate from the holes in one wall. Then the sounds of a cave filled with the working mechanism, and the couple left in a hurry it. It is possible that they are fortunate enough to visit one of the oldest existing tunnels.
Not far from the coast of California the same in 1980 was found impressive in size cavity, penetrating several hundred meters inland, which can claim to be a hub station.

Confirmation of the existence of the tunnels is unexpected results of deep nuclear tests held in Nevada. Two hours later, after tests on a military base in Canada (at a distance of 2000 kilometers) recorded a jump of radioactivity 20 times greater than normal. This was because the military base next to the cave was connected with a local network of caves and tunnels of the ancient Americas.
Fast forward to Idaho, where the anthropologist James Mackin studied a large tunnel in the rocks. After a few hundred meters deep into the caves, learned to stop the unbearable stench of sulfur and human remains. In addition to this terrible picture of the researcher heard coming from the depths of the tunnel a strange noise. The natural reaction to what he saw was the termination of the cave survey.
One of the most sparsely populated areas of Mexico hides cave de las Golondrinas Satan. Judging by its size (about a kilometer depth and width of a few hundred meters), as processed by the steep walls and bottom, from which diverge in different directions ancient tunnels, it may well exist as a junction in a network of intercontinental underground tunnels.
From the expanses of North America’s turn to the territory of the South, where the ancient underground tunnels dug no less. Thus, during the recently held by Professor Eric von Denikenom research, under the surface of the Nazca desert revealed a network of underground tunnels stretching for miles. The important fact is that for him to this day is flowing clear water.
In 1965, the Ecuadorian province of Morona-Santiago has attracted the investigator Juan Moricz, and it is not in vain. The scientist was able to discover and map the network no one hitherto unknown ancient underground tunnels stretching for hundreds of kilometers. The fact that the many kilometers of the cavity are not the result of natural processes, they say many of the facts.
First, log into the system looks more like a carefully cut opening for the barn door. Sequentially down to the horizontal platform, you can reach a maximum depth of the cavity, equal to 230 meters. At this depth, are rectangular in cross section, “highway”, which have right angle turns. Second, here we are confronted with the same smooth glossy treatment of the walls. Third, strict periodicity is huge in size room and ventilation shafts, whose diameter ranges from 70 centimeters.

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