Solar flux and flow of Fire

02 May

Solar flux has a dual effect on people. The element fire, which consists of the Sun, is able to destroy all the material. But on Earth, it manages a program element of Fire, and therefore the rays of the sun itself can not burn anything. They go to the earth flat and safe.
The Sun as a star, can adversely affect humans. Unlike the moon, it does not interact with human consciousness, but the problem is that his energy has increased penetration into the human body. Solar flux permeates the physical body of man, as all that is en route to the ground. It penetrates the body through the skin, is absorbed by cells of the body and leaves the body. The danger is that the sun can not dispense their energy can not be stopped during its rays. Man is not kindled by it, but if he did not find a solution to the problem is hidden from direct solar flux, it may die from an overdose of the heat that it carries. The man – the head of the situation.

The solar wind, which goes to the ground during the flares on the sun affects the entire planet. Interfere with communication and people in the technical sense and in a purely human communication. In this case, it is just as the moon affects the human consciousness, suppress it. When solar flares a person can commit inappropriate acts. In addition, the solar wind affects a person’s heart rhythm and knocks his work. His presence on earth as it “breaks” of man.

But this deviation from the rules of the relationship of the Sun and the Earth. They need each other to accomplish one common goal – maintaining and strengthening the biological life on Earth.

Space mission of the Sun – to give all their energy on Earth life. It plays the role of masculinity for the Earth-Mother. The program – the seed that brings solar flux at the planet, created the conditions for biological life on it. Now it is his warm support this life. All the people understand that without it the planet would turn into a huge mass of ice.

Without the sun a man can not live not only because it will freeze. When changes occur in the Sun, changing and life on Earth, people change, change their feelings and perceptions of life. In turn, changes occur upon him according to the cosmic laws. Everything is interconnected.

The sun must be the human body for life processes that occur in it. The more a person can be in the solar flux, the greater the energy of the sun penetrate into it, increasing the vitality and physical strength. Improving the metabolic processes within the body. Without the sun, the body will get sick and waste away. But the flow coming from the Sun to be able to use correctly, as an overdose of this energy can kill a person. Need to know the hours when the sun is useful and when the bad man. This sacred knowledge, but at the level of intuition, people have always understood them.

The Sun, like the moon, has a mystical dimension.

At different times of day from him comes a different thread, different energy.

You can divide the day into four parts (the night is also included).

In the period from 00 to 6:00 am local time on Earth is solar flux, the exciting force of life. It was at this time is energy intensive and people and plants, and animals, and even minerals. Just grasping power of the sun. At this time, it gives special power and contributes to the energy centers of human life replenishment, especially 5-7. The closer to 6 hours, the greater the energy of this species is in a certain place on earth. Energy, promoting energy development rights, even if the sun had not yet seen. Man coming into contact with the element of fire is best to work at this time.

From 06 to 12 hours – the rise time of the impact of solar energy. Closer to 12 hours this effect is powerful, but with a minus sign. The energy of the sun not only gives strength as suppresses the force that a person has. (The room is a smoother effect to almost zero.)

From 12 to 18 hours – a fully solar energy is to destroy all weak in the world, incinerates. From it have to go to places that are protected from direct light. It takes energy to humans and all living things. The sun at this time is the consumer of energy of the Earth and everything that is on it. Enhanced exchange of energies is not in favor of the earth and man. Later in the afternoon, this process weakens. The man, who is the sun from 12 to 18 hours, will feel completely de-energized.

From 18 to 24 hours – the Sun and Earth are balanced and have a rest from each other. The time of peace and tranquility. Then again, is the first stage of the flow of energy from the sun, etc.

The fiery stream coming from the sun, always has a direct relationship with the element of fire.

The element fire – multipronged substance, in many respects different from other parts of the Earth. It can exist and operate without the guidance of his element on their own. (Unlike the Element of water, earth and air, which are always closely linked with its elements.) If the sun’s rays to focus (magnifying glass) and send to the same point in the flammable object, it will fire. And then the element of fire can become unmanageable, as at this moment he is out of control elements of fire, came in contact with the material component of the planet. When interacting with matter, the energy of the sun becomes a tangible, visible. The fire is transformed, becomes the way people used to perceive it, and begins to live by their own laws, for his life absorbing everything that can enter into contact with him, and burn. In this case, the element of fire recedes, subject to its program of interaction with the element of fire, set by the higher powers. Otherwise, people would never have been able to use fire in their own interests, would never have even spread the fire.

Shown by the fire is physically palpable, dangerous and unnecessary. But man does not know that the fire element, there is one invisible, mystical property that is not inherent in other elements of the earth, is not known to people. It can be called by reason of Fire. A person does not feel it. Some of the instruments on the Earth can capture this energy, but no one takes it as an important element of fire, even more so – a reasonable component.

Fire is always a sensible energy is directed at the creation, not destruction. The visible part of the Fire, The fire can burn all that off, even people.

Reason, who lives in the fire, gives him the opportunity to get in touch with his element with the man. A person associated with the element of fire, his consciousness can create interaction between the elements of fire with the rational part of the manifest Element. In this case, it will be able to stop the fire if it gets permission, to influence the element of fire from the main rational creature on earth – man.

Mind Fire is manifested in the ability to analyze, as it may seem strange to a person living on the planet today. It is, of course, is specific. Its essence is that the element of fire, in contrast to other elements of the earth, can gradirovat information. His rational part of it can deal with someone to assist in solving problems related to the spiritual work. Fire has the highest vibration reaching the earth, intelligent substance which is in him will perceive human thought (if a man lit a candle, the fire and turned to fire), to analyze and decide whether or not they pay attention. If a man’s thoughts are full of violence, their vibrations are underestimated and not treated, rejected the Fire. If they focus on the good, have a high vibration, the vibration energy through Fire quickly reach the higher realms, the person receives fulfillment of his desires, according to their karma, of course. In other words, this substance itself can make decisions in certain situations with the person. It can help a person, if it deems it necessary.

Fire has the courage and dedication. He deliberately allowed to use their energy. To speed up the realization of the conceived person in real life, he fills the usual energy of his thought with its energy of Fire, gave him his free energy. If you come in contact with it, it will perform or assist in the implementation of the boldest decisions of man. Wish quickly enters the Fiery Future Program of man, and quickly line up the way of its implementation in reality.

But the fire will help a person only if he wants to do it. Making Reasonable Fire energy to work for themselves, it is impossible, even if the person is ready to show violence and disrupt the cosmic laws.

In the stream of fire, there is another component, which is not visible in the physical world. That it is central to the Element of Fire. This component is the highest vibration – the divine energy of Fire. It was she who gives life to all living things on Earth.

Structure of any material delay in a scalding of the solar flux. But the divine energy of the fire penetrates the thickness of any obstacles. It gets everywhere, even deep into the earth. Plants use it for their growth and photosynthesis. This kind of energy may be introduced without the permission of all that is on the ground. If the sun is warming the earth, but its energy will not be part of this, the biological life on this planet will cease.

When the sun’s rays penetrate the human body, it is this energy accelerates the exchange of energy within a person and promotes proper metabolism. That it remains in the body to the synthesis occurred, and the body, using its power, made a new material necessary for its functioning.

Independently, it is not in conscious contact with a person even when he is in the sun. But if he made contact with the element of fire on Earth, it will interact with it. It is this energy enters his body while the man with the element of fire. Enters through the skin and through their own channels, which are in the extracellular space. The action takes place gently in proportion to the content of the element of fire in the human body.

A person can control the element of fire in his body with the help of Elemental Fire. You can gradually increase the presence of this element in his body, and then the divine flow of energy in large quantities of fire will quietly enter the human body, pass through it and out into space. In this case, the harm to the body can not fire, the body is not kindled, because the energy is initially adapted and the process of entering the body will be impulsive, not permanent, as necessary, or at the invitation of the person.

In this case, the healing effect will manifest itself as to destroy all “wetlands education” in the body, emotional energy pollution, filled with the vitality of its intercellular space.

Divine energy component of the fire is inside a Personal Programme of fire, which connects it with the element of fire, the Program, through which there is a fire, visible and invisible.

This relationship is constant. Even when the fire becomes the material element and the element of fire has the right to lead them, the coupling of the internal program of fire from its devastation.

Through this program, Personal, energy self-sufficient and Fire Fire Fire streams may exist even when they are not associated with the element of fire. What is impossible for the other elements – without regard to their elements, they will cease to exist.

Solar flux – it is part of the manifest on Earth the powerful energy of fire, covering all the Universal space.

Spatial Fire flows are carriers of the highest authorities. Only he can accommodate a reasonable message emanating from the Sun of All That Is. No wonder the idea of the Spiritual Mind sverhmoguschestvennom bound man with a fiery vibrations. It is well known to the initiated. There is also a world of Fire, where auspicious, divine energies of people living souls to the next incarnation.

Fire flow going from the center of our galaxy Spiritual especially powerful effect on people during a solar eclipse.

In the solar eclipse of February 26, 1998 fire brought to Earth the grain awakening of consciousness that has touched everyone, and those who were ready to accept it, began to change their consciousness, the perception of life and its ideals. For all of humanity, it marked the beginning of the transition period, to prepare the exit of humanity to a new level of material life.

At this time the planet itself was already in the flow energy of the fourth dimension. All living things on it was rebuilt under the new vibrations through all of the Elements, who worked with their earth elements in nature. People who have no connection with the elements, they could not adapt to the unusual flows, which entered the Earth, according to the cosmic laws of the planet and the biological life on it. It was necessary to attract the attention of humanity to this point, and to awaken a desire to change something in their life.

The disappearance of the sun in the sky, even for a short time, in broad daylight, always causes internal stress in people, even those who have not seen this strange phenomenon, but heard about it through the media. Any sensible person will think that it means. Since the eclipse of the sun is always accompanied by some incidents in the world, wearing negative.

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