Secrets of Moscow

MoscowAll day millions of Muscovites all hurry up and running somewhere in the literal sense of the word without looking at his feet and not thinking about the fact that the average capital hatch may be entering another world. A couple of years ago, I would not have believed it, until it met with representatives of the movement of diggers and carried with them a few forays there in the catacombs of the underworld.
At the time of the English bourgeois revolution diggers, or “true Levelers“, under the leadership of Gerald Winstanley fought for the establishment of universal equality and the elimination of private ownership of land. They could not assume that their name will be called one of the most interesting and unusual destinations “underground activity” of modern times. After all, today diggers – a man-made caves, researchers, underground structures and communications. Director and founder of the Moscow underground “diggers” is Vadim Mikhailov. His organization was called “Digger-Spas” and after years of conflict with the authorities in 2000 acquired the status of the structural unit of MOE.

Vadim was the Diggers chance. This was preceded by a history of some interest of his childhood:
– When I was 12 years old, my friends from next door loved to climb into the old basement of an abandoned house nearby. We studied it slowly, and once found a ladder leading down deep. After going down on her, got into a long dark corridor, the walls of which were high-shelves. They are small blood vessels, which were strange creatures preserved in alcohol (as it later transpired, was located in the basement of the not completely taken out Warehouse Institute of Oceanography). We were both fascinated by this “cabinet of curiosities”, looking at the freaks in the banks, and then struck and both inspired by what he saw, had sworn to each other in the light of torches newspaper, the dying in our hands, that will create such an expedition, which will explore the subterranean slums of civilization.

Vadim fulfilled his vow, gathering like-minded people and initiating implementation of groundwater studies. By this point, “Michael” diggers have already managed to open the vault in the city 12 levels and 24 sublevels. What lies behind these figures?
Leaving in hoary antiquity History of Moscow a huge network of caves – it is not only one of the darkest, but also one of the well-protected secrets of Russia. The underground catacombs of the city began to build almost from its inception. However, creating a large maze of tunnels and taken to refer to the XV century, the era of the reign of Ivan the Terrible. Vadim Mikhailov says that the governor “izryl entire length and breadth of Russia.” Was formed by a network of underground tunnels that connect the fiefdoms, a kind of state within a state that hides in its bosom many stories of mysterious and unknown facts. This is the most mysterious of Kitezh-grad, where it sat for sure, those who live in underground tunnels. Moreover, there may be many hidden treasures of our ancestors.

Order Mikhailova explores the network of ancient subterranean fortress of the Kremlin and China-town, underground tunnels Borovitsky Hill (under the house Pashkov) Chertolya, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Moscow monasteries – Novodevichy, Simon, Don, Chudov and other large complexes of ancient economic and basements Solyanka Zamoskvorechye. But so far not found the ancient underground tunnels under the Moscow River, which is mentioned in historical documents. We know, for example, that in the XVII century by order of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich master Azancheev repeated attempts of construction progress at the river. The first ended in failure, but then suddenly the master-peasant was ennobled, an unprecedented honor in those days. About a tunnel under the river at that time not a word is no longer mentioned.

The most legendary secret dungeons of the Kremlin – a library of Ivan the Terrible, whose fame in the life of the king thundered across Europe. Notable international guests specially came to Moscow to get acquainted with this or any other folio of the unique collection. However, in 1601, 17 years after the death of the owner, the library was gone. Most historians assume that it is precisely in the vaults of the Kremlin. Of course, the Diggers, led by Vadim tried all means to find her. Moreover, these searches were under the control of the authorities.

Mikhailov said:
– Moving on in the dungeon Borovitsky gate, we saw a small door in the wall with a small hole and decided to push back teleglaz. On the monitor, get it’s coffers, approaches to the description of the trunks of the sovereign’s library. Well, we think, all – found it! But suddenly a burst water pipe, causing the entire area was flooded. After that we will not go down there. Perhaps it was the camera, somehow connected with the old library.

The objects of research “mihaylovtsev” – not only medieval underground passages. After the death of Ivan the Terrible underground construction is not completed its existence. The Emperor could not suggest any grand scale reaches its initiative in the XX century. Metro, drains and other underground utilities – this is only the visible part of what has been built under the capital over the past 70 years. In the Moscow metro, there are many secret places that had been planned even before his birth, bunkers and other structures. Mikhailov, recalls that at one time, Khrushchev publicly announced the availability of a fleet of underground, underground thermonuclear ships which are at walking pace.

The Moscow subway diggers engaged in the study, the underground-2 sites of drainage, duplicate systems, the Ministry of Defence, bunker systems and many other facilities. According to Vadim (returning to the issue of open levels), located on the tenth level of Neolithic caves, etc. – Moscow Sea, located in the giant karst cavities. At the last level has a few pilot projects, which Mikhailov had not yet want to apply for the lack of sufficient information. The most impressive seem boundless depths of the mysterious dungeons and huge man-made mine. “Their bottom, probably rests on the karst: there hangs the mist, there is more powerful waterfalls flow down the Niagara,” – says Vadim.

Of particular interest are so-called “ghost stations”. The vaults are beautiful in the world of underground harbor at the four stations closed “Soviet” in Zamoskvoretskaya line, “Pervomayskaya” on the Arbat, Intercession, “Kaluga” in the building of the depot on the Kaluga-Riga and “Volokolamsk” on Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya branch. All of them were built at different times, and the halls of some of them are now in operation, while the foot passengers, and not stepping out there. Michael’s diggers were able to thoroughly examine these “territory”, so for them there is some information.

“Soviet” was designed in the second phase of the metro on the stretch between the “Theatre” and “Mayakovsky.” She had to sit in the Soviet (now Tver) square. Its construction began, but was not completed because the hydro geological conditions due to heavy draw tunnels to the station, alas, failed. Subsequently, the central hall of the “Soviet” was transformed into a perfectly secure bunker.

In contrast to the “Soviet”, “May Day” was actually operating the station and was originally located in “Izmailovo park” in the building of depots “Izmailovo”. According to the observations of recent “attacks” Mikhailova, its lobby is still well preserved, but a sign saying “Metropolitan them. LM Kaganovich Station “May Day” was recently released. In the room of the station is now located repair shop podemochnogo, but the traces of “Pervomayskaya” remained. Tiles on the walls survived and the characteristic time for the moldings and ornaments in some parts remain barely visible remains of gilding.

I am personally convinced of the existence of “Volokolamskaya” located between metro stations “Shchukinskaya” and “Tushinskaya.”

I’ve never been lucky enough to go underground with a group of Mikhailov. However, the “Digger-Spas” there is a large contingent of support groups scattered all over Moscow. Not having to do with official organizations, such groups independently explore the depths, based on “findings” “mihaylovtsev” and personal information. One of them I was able to join, become acquainted with the Moscow Diggers Dmitry Kazankina. These people have shown me “Volokolamsk.” Sortie took place in the summer night one of the yards, close to the “Tooshino.” Making sure that no one is around, we went down into the earth through the door and found ourselves in a small room with pipes and screws. Wearing the necessary equipment, we have moved forward on the “lead”.

Sometimes you had to use a cable manholes that I, as a beginner, it is extremely difficult. Oppressed and the fact that under the earth was unbearably hot. However, the desire to quickly see the unfinished facility prevailed. In general, we got to the “destination” without any adventure, and, after passing several underground tunnels, see “Volokolamsk.” Originally it was intended for the residents of a housing estate, have not built at the site Tushino airfield. Therefore, the station is not completed. It has no outlets to the surface or exterior. I could contemplate a deserted platform, and two rows of pillars, lit a few light bulbs. A little wandering on the platform and explore the surrounding area, we hurried to get out.

“Excursion” to “Volokolamskaya” was my first outing in the Moscow underground. Subsequent trips were devoted to the study of partial-2 subway system. That’s when Dmitry Kazankin first told me about the existence of an entire “record” diggerskih tales, as well as the mysteries and riddles, which hide the dark walls of underground facilities. His stories are extremely interested in me. Later I was able to learn a lot about the “mysteries” of the underground “city”.

Tales of the Moscow Diggers, and were

Objects of study by Vadim Mikhailov – many underground catacombs of the capital. The first buildings appeared in the XV century, during the reign of Ivan the Terrible. A great number of bunkers and underground tunnels were created by hands of our predecessors in the XX century. “Michael” was opened by a detachment of 12 levels and 24 sublevels of underground structures. This is the subway and Metro-2, the objects of drainage, duplicate and bunker systems, and nuclear reactors, master mine, and much more. On the tenth level, there is Neolithic cave, then – Moscow sea in giant cavities caste. At the last level are not yet studied until the end of the pilot projects. All this suggests that Moscow has turned up and down.

Diggers are not just exploring the cave. Depth psychology makes itself felt. These people along the way create unusual legends, its own philosophy, a world in which there are different laws. I first learned about it while traveling through the tunnels underground-2 with the Moscow Diggers Dmitry Kazankina. His stories have had a significant impact on me, causing me head went into the study and “recognition” diggerskih tales, the very depths of philosophy.

Vadim Mikhailov, the usual inhabitants of the capital called “people of the surface of the world” and just smile mysteriously when his stories are called legends. He himself says that many times along with his supporters faced under the ground with amazing effects. One of them is – … a rat:

– For the first time we met with the rats out of the blue – in the tunnels below the zoo. There were about five copies, and we have saved ourselves that was thrown at them crowbars and quickly retreated. For 19 years our descent into the earth, I have never seen such large animals! Then they struck me as just a huge, though later, remembering the details, I found that the rodents reached no more than 65 cm in length (excluding tail length) and 25-30 cm at the withers (the size of the average fox terrier). At first we even thought we nutria, but then looked closely and carefully realized that it’s still a rat.

Once out from under the ground, we scored all the bells: Riot police called to the place, TV, called the mayor’s office. However, the tunnels blocked only 4 days after the incident, and the animals so much time waiting for the journalists, of course, will not. This gave occasion afterwards descended to us TV men accuse us of lying, but I say: there is a rat! They moved through the tunnels, which ran in the direction of the zoo, “White House” and further, the direction of the U.S. embassy. However, a few days into our headquarters called anonymous informants, and, calling himself a former military told this.

It turns out that they supposedly well-known former defense bunker complex, located within the boundaries of Moscow. Near these buildings are abandoned radioactive reactor urban settlers, and where is any hell. And according to informants, they once descended into out of curiosity and saw the whole pack of giant rats. They describe in detail coincided with the fact that we have beheld with my own eyes.

Vadim says that the underground passages are found not only a giant rat moving through the tunnels hordes for no apparent reason, but mutated insects have reached epic proportions. He claims that they found a half-meter skolopendru, a huge earwig and other “monsters.” However, the stories of Michael’s “diggers” about the strange phenomenon of the dungeon are not limited to stories about animals, mutants.

The French writer El Berta, the author of the novel “The Paris Catacombs,” in the XIX century. Wrote: “Generations of dead accumulated in these gloomy warehouses, today their number is estimated to be twelve or fifteen million human beings were here, to move his remains.” Memories of the lines of this piece inspired me to the next “story” Vadim.

Several years ago, Diggers squad examined the underground structures under the SKLIFom. As soon came down to the central body, “diggers” suddenly discovered the remains of an incinerator, near which lay a bouquet of fresh alleged carnations. After that, one of the participants of “expedition” had to be sent up, as it has experienced a great shock. Another finding was a pile of bones of some large animal, and the culmination – the appearance of a ghost in a small chamber, which led to the tunnel. According to Vadim, the thickness of the concrete vault began to appear feminine silhouette, and then he disappeared again, as if drawn into a wall of unusual strength. This story is even more incredible extension. Faced with this situation, “diggers” were quick to get out.

On the way one of them, bounce head, tore the skin on the head. He was taken to the emergency department SKLIFa (remember, it was located just above the point of this research). Before coming to the doctor on duty put the victim on the couch in one of the chambers. Nearby access to the corpse was covered with a sheet. When the medics lifted the sheet, the poor experienced a double shock: before him lay the body of the woman herself, the ghost of a glimpse of the diggers in the ground. From a conversation with the nurses revealed that she died exactly half an hour ago from injuries, just at a time when the team was at the bottom. Later investigation found: a woman committed suicide by throwing himself under the wheels of the vehicle. Mikhailov said:

– I then talked to people involved in paranormal phenomena; they are also called “Ghostbusters.” They said: “Your case proves that the ghost, as we describe it, sees the surrounding reality, feels in this reality or even aware of the horror of his situation.” According to them, it was a typical case of reincarnation.

From the mouth of the chief of the Moscow Digger can be heard on the tomb of the White Nuns allegedly found them with detachment.

Near Ryazan about a hundred years ago was located Vyshsky Nicholas Monastery. Under the Soviet regime in its territory placed summer camp. There is a beautiful and sinister legend that if abbess cursed him at the time of Kalinin, after which, together with a few nuns voluntarily immured him in the house of the Mother Superior. It is said that from now on the territory of the monastery, the camp began to be strange phenomenon. Before the storms out of the ground supposedly heard the sound of the bells and muffled female singing. And then there it is – The White Nun, high transparent ghost that moves along the path from the former church to the tomb, where she was entombed Superior.

Vadim says that this phenomenon is observed quite rarely and only at night, and he also claims that he personally saw the ghost three times. Taking the story of the nun as a working hypothesis, “mihaylovtsy” allegedly managed to dig an underground passage leading from the monastery to the house of the Mother Superior. And Mikhailov said that he is just under one avenue by which moved ghost. He further says that when the course has been bricked up, and could only get to the place of burial, breaking masonry, again became strange things happen: lights began to fade, as if the bricks have started to fall out from the wall.

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