Mysterious disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda ,TriangleThe Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the United States. Inside and near the area bounded by an imaginary line that connects Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico – A triangle with sides of about 2000 km each – a considerable Nombe boat and aircraft have disappeared in circumstances to say the least mysterious.
The sky glowed with stars, and the DC-3 was preparing to land at Miami airport. The flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico, was progressing well. The city lights were already visible. Suddenly, communications between the control tower and the aircraft broke off. Almost immediately, a massive search operation was unleashed. The weather was ideal, high visibility, but the DC-3 and its crew no trace. Disappeared into nothingness, at the dawn of 28 December 1948.
The map of the Bermuda Triangle
The same fate was reserved for a few months before the Star Tiger, an airliner of British South American Airways, as it approached Bermuda from the Azores. A few weeks after the disappearance of the DC-3, the Star
Ariel, sister of the Star Tiger, disappeared between Bermuda and Jamaica. The weather was perfect. Despite the many means used for research, the accident was unexplained and no remains of the device was found.

But this is December 5, 1945 that took place on the most incredible drama. That afternoon, five Avenger torpedo Navy U.S. Naval Base took off from Fort Lauderdale for a short training flight. It was a mission of most routine, but it ended in a tragedy covered in mystery, with the apparent death of 14 crewmen. Despite that
there was no indication of bad weather, the squadron commander via radio communications that five aircraft had dispersed and were unable to understand the direction in which they flew. Moments after this dramatic post
Communications were interrupted, never to resume. Two Navy seaplanes were immediately dispatched to the area where we thought the patrol was lost. A few hours later because of bad weather, they were given orders to return. Only one of them returned to base. The search continued for five days, but without any results. Navy authorities were disoriented. One officer commented the episode this way: “They are literally disappeared as if they were flown to Mars.” This event marked the beginning of the saga of the modern Bermuda Triangle.

Much other accident took place in the 40s. The City Beautiful was found abandoned near the Bahamas in 1946, exactly one year after the TBM Avenger tragedy, and the Rubicon, was transformed into the ghost ship drifting
along the coasts of Florida, when she futretrouee in excellent condition, in 1944, but no one on board. In 1940 Gloria Colita was found abandoned in full working order, along the west coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico.
Going back in time, the boat in August 1935, the Dahama was in perfect cross was in the Bermuda Triangle several days after that another boat had seen about to sink. In 1931, the Norwegian ship Stavanger will disappear in the Bahamas with 43 men aboard, and that the past is exactly the same way, on a beautiful day in April 1925 for the
Raifuku Maru after launching the following message: “Come quick, it’s terrible! You can not escape.”

The schooner Carroll A. Deering was found stranded in the Diamond Shoals in January 1921 with all its sails hoisted. Two cats were the only living creatures still on board. The strangest thing was a complete meal still lay on the stove, waiting for a crew that never tasted it. The same year a dozen other ships disappeared in the same area.

In 1918, The U.S. Marine accused an additional loss: the Cyclops, a coal of more than 170 meters long, which made roads of Barbados to Baltimore with 309 men aboard. Although it was one of the first vessel fitted with a radio on board, no SOS was launched. To feed even more mystery, the two sister ships of the Cyclops, The Proteus and Nereus, disappeared on the same route in 1941.
Unexplained disaster?

The bad reputation of this part of the sea seems to find checks in the distant past also. One of the first to navigate these areas, Christopher Columbus during his first journey to discover the New World
1492 met the phenomenon which disconcerted the crew of his ship: a fiery flash that falls into the sea, the unusual behavior of the compass, and a strange light that appears in the distance at night.

Although the references are rather fragmentary, it has documents showing that four American vessels disappeared without apparent explanation between 1781 and 1812. In 1840 the Rosalie, a French vessel, was found near desert nassau full sail, with a considerable load intact and in meticulous order. The Lotta, a Swedish brig, disappeared near Haiti in 1866, followed two years later by Viergo, a Spanish merchant ship.

But one of the greatest mystery of the sea remains the disappearance of the Atalanta in 1880. The ship left Bermuda in January towards England with a crew of 300 officers and cadets, and he was never found. The chain of disaster continues in 1884 with the Miramon, an Italian schooner weighed anchor from New Orleans who was swallowed up in limbo. In October
1902 it was the turn of the brigantine German Freya being found abandoned.

The story always seems to repeat itself, even more recently: good weather, no mechanical problems, Normae radio, then silence. Because usually we do not find anything despite intensive research, it is always a surprise when the sea gives some wrecks or that one receives a distress message. One such exception occurred in February 1953 when a British plane with 39 people on board threw out an SOS when he was in Northern Triangle: the request for aid stopped abruptly. the search operation yielded no result.
In March 1950, a four Globe master U.S. towards Ireland disappeared north of the triangle, followed a few months later, the ship loading Sandra: it was a quiet tropical night, was carrying 340 insecticides.

Accidents have continued without truce: a Navy Super Constellation in 1954 with 42 persons on board; The Southern Districts responsible for suffering the same year the yacht Connemara IV found abandoned in the heart of the Triangle in 1955. The following year it was the turn of a Marine Raider and Sky Bomber Navy crew with 10 people. An unusual number of disappearances took place around Christmas. In January 1958 the publisher Harvey Conover with a few parents set sail on his yacht in Key West to Miami. They all disappeared forever.

In 1962 a tanker plane KB-50 took off from the Air Force Base in Langley, Virginia, in the direction of the Azores with nine crew members. Shortly after leaving the control tower received a brief message, quickly cut off, and indicating any damage. Despite intensive searches, no trace again.

1963 was a particularly unfortunate. It began with navy Suphur Queen, a ship built specifically for loading transported sulfur. It diapru near Florida after sending a message routine. With the sole exception of a few life jackets retouva we do nothing of the boat. In July of that year the Navy and Coast Guard were occupied ten days in fruitless search of Sno ‘Boy, a fishing boat which had lost the tracks around Jamaica. A month later it was the turn of two KC-135 tankers flying. At noon she communicated their
Position, after it no one knew anything. When the carcasses were found near Bermuda, we thought of a mid-air collision, but the discovery of other pieces of wreckage, to distances of 160 miles, fed the mystery. If the aircraft
had not touched in flight, explain how they had sunken simultaneously?

E in this story. In 1965, in June, a C-119 Air Force dispare without explanation after launching a message incomprehensible. Javier in 1967, the same fate was reserved for a transport aircraft Chase YC-122 during a short flight between Fort
Lauderdale and Bimini. In July 1969, despite the optimal weather conditions, they found five derelict vessels; The following month, even Bill Verity, an expert navigator, disappeared in the Triangle. Other unexplained events took place in the years that followed. In 1971 we lost track of ships loading and Elizabeth El Caribe. In March 1973, The anita, the
largest ship load that have never gone, set sail from Norfolk, and we never knew anything.
The legend appears
Despite a series of seemingly inexplicable events that have occurred since the distant past, it was not until the mid-60s that the legend of the “Triangle of Death” takes shape. This is the American who is Vincent Gaddis
first reference in 1965 in a chapter of his book, Invisible Horizons. But the most notoriety was achieved with the bestseller The Bermuda Triangle. The author Charles Berlitz, in this area is a powerful energy souce that capture ships and aircraft or at least disturb the instruments. A gigantic crystal solar which was once supplied power to the mythical lost continent of Atlantis, the giserait below.

Within a few months other books were born. Temporal changes, reversed gravitational fields, black holes, even witchcraft was suggested as possible causes come disappearances. Someone even talked of equipment installed under the ocean to guide the invaders from another planet. And of course, the aliens who were harvesting humans, their boats and airplanes, for study in another galaxy or to lead them far from an impending holocaust.

On a different level is the official with whom the Coast Guard has archived the case. It is claimed that the percentage of incident in the area is simply proportional to the intense air and sea traffic that crosses the zone itself. As for the fact that we have never found even the tiniest scrap metal ships or aircraft missing, the report of the Coast Guard
Observed that the stretch of sea is crossed by strong currents that can drag any wreck even very far: and further means in the great ocean, pronfond of several thousand meters. Cases of phantom ships, the report does not rule: perhaps they are just legends?
The Italian expedition

There is so much said about this area of sea that many scientific missions succeeded each other in recent years with the attempt to interpret the mystery. In February 1977, Italy in his turn for an expedition led by the solo sailor Fogar Ambrogio.

Participants, a total of 18 persons, were divided into four working groups: one for the documentary, one for parapsychology with the controversial Israeli Uri freezing medium (yes, that of bent spoons, now immortalized in the film Mindbender director Ken Rusell), one for archeology with the sub-acquatique Syracuse Enzo Majorca (champion immersion
Snorkeling), and one for the scientific point of view with Professor Edmondo Carabelli, dean of Geology at the Polytechnic Institute of Milan. The expedition, which he is also nothing strange happened, returned with 7000 feet of film shot in the area, while Fogar on this new adventure in writing a book called the Ultima emblematic Legend,

Result? No definitive answer. Versions of four explorers, indeed, are partly discordant. If one side of Majorca – after watching closely the “wall” of Bimini – is inclined to believe in an ancient presence of humans in the area, Fogar tends to demystify the whole thing and extend the legend; if Professor Carabelli reserves to express a scientific opinion, Uri Geller believes strongly in the presence of something supernatural. The medium said that they felt would increase his powers in the area of Triangles, but he too failed to provide concrete evidence.

Accidents have occurred, that is certain, but to think that the triangle of sea is considered as a wide area throughout the western-central Europe. Fogar at the time told the press: “A Bimini in the Bahamas and in general, as in Bermuda, I found myself facing an industry prepared for tourists and thriving on the gullibility of
people. Not to speak of “experts” that we meet: First I was wondering how I was willing to pay, then they told us they were ready to give us the version that suited us best. ”

And do you ever wonder why all texts, even the latest, referring to the Bermuda Triangle stop in the early 70 in the list of disasters encountered? Nothing happened then? In
Indeed, in this area, there are fewer disasters that led us to believe the famous book by Charles Berlitz. In 1975, four ships in the Triangle have disappeared from a total of 21 unexplained shipwrecks off the other coasts of the United States. In 1976, there were 6 against 28 shipwrecks.

The Soviets argued, already in 1978 that further hurricanes, shipwrecks Triangle could be attributed to very strong winds that are created on the heights edict are capable of generating very dense fog at sea level, or
of gases out of cracks underwater or deep enough for ocean infrared very common in the area, like the Triangle, subject to strong weather disturbances such as to cause panic among the crews, the hasty abandonment of ships.

In 1982, Richard Mc Iver, scientific consultant to the American oil industry, had speculated the gas outlet of the rocks underwater, due to earthquakes, tsunamis, or tidal pressure changes and temperature, to explain the disappearance of planes and ships. The huge mass of gas with a high energy could collide and overturn ships and planes sometimes reach even in the destabilizing and causing them to fall.

Newspapers around the world, May 18, 1991, have given great importance to the discovery from a company specializing in underwater recovery, on the shoals of Fort Lauderdale (Floridea, 5 TBM Avengers that had according to the discoverers, would the rest of the famous 19 Squadron mysteriously disappeared December 5, 1945. This is the end of a myth that has lasted 50 years, which has inspired dozens of books and several films (including meeting third type of Spielberg, opens precisely with their reappearance in the desert)? In reality it would seem not indeed the aircraft identification
found as being part of Flight 19 was denied (but all the newspapers have not done) by the discoverers themselves, which would have been trapped by the interpretation of the emblems of the cabins photographed underwater. The truth is already in February 1987, it had recovered the wreckage of a Grumman Avenger torpedo of, through another company recuperation submarine, which had
identifies the carcass of the aircraft since 1971, during the search of a galleon, 20 miles west of Florida, which would confirm the thesis that the U.S. Navy aircraft would deviate from their route by being Short of fuel, and the rest of the mystery would be to deformation and falsification introduced gradually by sensationalist writers.
A triangle in the Adriatic as well?

Crazy fish, seabed ravaged, fishing boats drawn by mysterious currents, underwater lights, radars and compasses go crazy and fishermen panicked. All this occurred in the late 70s in the Adriatic off the coast of Marks and Abruzzi. The alarm among the fishermen began to spread in November 1978. The first episode to tell the brothers were inexplicable Scordella boarded a fishing vessel, motor Trozza, based in Pescara. While they were engaged in fishing in 4000 of the coast, there were suddenly dragged to the center of a whirlwind that heureusemet does not overturned their vessel. The oldest of four brothers told: “The sea was calm, but the water was boiling around us as if it were in a storm. Quickly turned The compass, radar and sparkled reported a wide barrier. Suddenly we had the feeling of running faster than normal. ”

More mysterious still is the tragedy that even during these days cost the lives of two brothers. Parties to fish with the sea calm, they were found dead. Nobody was able to understand how such a misfortune had occurred. We even thought, in the aftermath of the tragedy, compared to the Adriatic Bermuda, voicing the presumption of a “triangle cursed”.

Indeed, in recent decades fishermen complained of DAMAGING troll fishing gear in the central Adriatic Sea. More recently, with the use of acoustic sensors, we remaque holes in the seabed and they have felt their impact on the work of fishermen. When later it was discovered underwater collone of over 20 meters of water swirling, abnormal waves, flames in the sky, the waters under beguilement vessels, the fishermen were classified as strange phenomena UFO or at the transport-secret submarine.

A study conducted by Piero Vittorio Curzi, Institute of Marine Geology of CNR, in collaboration with other researchers, has identified the various cone-shaped depressions found on the Adriatic seabed in pockmarks. These structures, also present in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, with diameters corresponding to the seabed and therefore varying from a few tens of meters to 350 meters, are related to fractures that extend into the deep sub- Navy. Through these fractures, sometimes 80 meters deep, have returned to natural gasses present in the basement. The seismic activity in the area contribute to the release of these gasses which would explain the abnormal activity Navy.

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