Humans, does descendants of Martians?

25 May

MartiansThe Scientists from the Unidosse is developing a tool to analyze the possible existence of living organisms with genes common on Mars and Earth, said the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
The investigation, called “Search for Extra-Terrestrial Genomes’ (SETG) is carried out within the Department of Earth Sciences, Planetary and Atmospheric MIT.

The premises which are part of the climate on Earth and Mars in the solar system’s origins were very similar, many Martian rock that has traveled to Earth asteroids result of shock and there is evidence that some microbes can survive the millions of years of distance between the two planets.

Furthermore, according to MIT, points out that the orbital dynamics is 100 times easier to travel from Mars to Earth than vice versa.

The rest of the theory, if proved, would contemplate the possibility that humans might be descended from Martian organisms.

The device developed by the MIT team, led by researchers Christopher Carr and Clarissa Lui, would be designed to collect samples of Martian soil and isolate microbes existing remains of microbes, and then separating the genetic material and analyze genetic sequences.

Subsequently, by using biochemical markers, it compares these sequences for signs of patterns almost universal among all known life forms.

While recognizing that research is a “long term,” Carr said that since “we could be related to life on Mars. At least we should go and see if there is life related to ours.”

According to Carr, “the best place to look for life on Mars today is under the surface.”

The MIT team said it could take about two years to complete the prototype SETG, but once developed it would be feasible to integrate it as a drill on a spacecraft for a future mission trip to the surface of Mars to take these samples.

Since the two modules NASA’s Viking landed on Mars in 1976, have not been re-sent instruments to the Martian surface for evidence of life.

Meanwhile, astrologist Christopher McKay, Research Center of NASA-Ames in California, said that “it is plausible that life on Mars is related to life on earth and therefore share genetic.”

However, he added other reason for the ongoing investigation.

“From the viewpoint of an astronaut’s health and the collection of samples, there is more to worry about whether there are organisms closely related” to humans on Mars, “as they are much more infectious than a totally alien bodies” said.

In addition, McKay said, “This method could also detect biological contamination on Mars that have been brought there from a spacecraft from Earth.”..

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