Asteroid flew close to the Earth.

29 May

asteroid Asteroid flew close to the Earth on Monday evening flew past Earth at a distance of about 57,000 kilometers, on Tuesday morning, the planet is waiting for another “guest” – Asteroid 2012 KT42 razminetsya with the Earth at a distance of 20,000 kilometers, which is lower than the orbits of geostationary satellites.

Asteroid 2012 was discovered by KP24 on May 23. The calculations showed that in 2012 KP24 refers to a family of asteroids Apollo, whose orbits intersect the orbit of the planet and the orbit of Mars. To this type belong to about two-thirds of known asteroids, near-Earth (NEA).

According to recent data, May 28, at 15.21 GMT (19.21 CET) 2012 KP24 flew past Earth at a distance of 0.00038 AU – 57.16 thousand kilometers.

Scientists estimate the diameter of a celestial body in 11-36 meters, according to recent data, its size is about 18 meters.

“If it reflects the light well, it may be 10-15 meters. Spectrometric data for more accurate estimates so far,” – said the astronomer Leonid Elenin, the Institute of Applied Mathematics, Keldysh.

According to him, 2012 KP24 unusual high rate of rotation around its axis.

“The period of his treatment – only 2.5 minutes,” – said the scientist.

On Tuesday morning, will fly past Earth yet another asteroid – 2012 KT42.

According to figures published on the website the Minor Planet Center of the International Astronomical Union, is a celestial body, was first noticed on Monday morning at the Mount Lemmon Observatory, and later the discovery was confirmed by Foulkes telescopes and several other observatories.

The asteroid will approach the minimum distance to the Earth in 06.47 GMT on May 29.

“It flies at about 20,000 miles from Earth’s surface – is much closer than geostationary satellites,” – said Yelenin, stressing that the data may change as new measurements.

The size of the new guest is considerably less – its diameter is estimated to be 3-10 meters.

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