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06 May

Ancient ,KnowledgeThe ancient civilizations can often embarrass scientists “orthodox”, which are found more often in front of the elements and evidence seem to indicate that reports of “cultural kin” individuals even among peoples separated by mountains or oceans, often to the point that no civilization can be accurately indicated as “original source” for these extraordinary likelihoods. One could explain the while posing as a starting point the existence of a civilization that is a common basis for all other hypothesis certainly hated and repudiated by orthodox scientists, who consider this hypothesis as the fruit of the imagination.
Yet here was a slope to the sides of the Atlantic, the Americas, and Europe, Asia and Africa, there are about 12 000 years, something wonderful happens, if we listen called hypothesis of “cultural coincidence”, so dear to orthodox scientists, but if you look closer is also likely to win a bet on a football match in not knowing the name of the team on which you bet or the order of the games.
According to this theory, after hundreds of thousands of years of slow, very slow and almost unnerving trend, suddenly, at the end of a period known as the Pleistocene Epoch (12,000 years ago exactly), something seems to take possession of all the minds of men of that time, as if at some point in the Paleolithic hitoire someone had lit a lamp whose light is diffused over the whole world. People very different from each other, separated by seas and mountains give birth to the great cultural adventure that will take them to invent and improve farming and agriculture, and with them new tools; simultaneously , on both sides of the Atalntique as in other parts of the world, human intelligence is based in a while in the design of architectural structures, policies and related names.

As if this were not enough of them very distant peoples perceive and develop myths and heroes like totally. Is it possible that this is only a cultural coincidence? Or maybe there is something else? Perhaps a great disaster, which is found in ALL the world’s mythologies, he destroyed a civilization higher than those present during the Palaeolithic and the remains were scattered in small groups of survivors in the world, as happens for pollen and flowers?

This sounds like utopia? This could be, but not more than the theory of “cultural coincidence.” That of “cultural diffusion” so dear to other scientists.

One could argue that the technical knowledge, agricultural, architectural and mythological similar between different people could be the World’s product idea exchange occurred during exploratifs travel and trade, but would not explain the temporal similarity of Events, especially if one considers the Americas. It would in any case the problem of deciding which culture would have given life to another: a problem of the type that is to come first the chicken or the egg?

Yet the similarities between some Amerindian peoples like the Maya, Aztecs and Incas with people of Mid-Eastern origin as the Sumerians, Assyrians and Babylonians, or the Nilotic area, like the Egyptians, we leave more a doubt on this assumption.

All these people have common elements:

A) they are manufacturer or pseudo-pyramid pyramid: the first construction degree Egyptian, the Sumerian ziggurat and temples of the Maya degrees to share the pyramidal shape, although truncated in the latter two cases.

B) All these people like the megalithic constructions, that is to say obtained with the use of stone, limestone, granite or other, in blocks of gigantic dimensions, giving a load of extra work, inexplicable defying the canons of reason if we compare such works with means that these people had available. Baalbek blocks, the walls of Sacsayhuaman in Peru, Bolivia Tiahuanaco and the Sphinx and Great Pyramid of Cheops testify to the success of challenges that even today with all the technology at our diposition, seems impossible to match.
astronomical, knowledge
C) The same astronomical knowledge, so advanced it allows them to know the sky above their heads so precise that if this knowledge were achieved by modern humans at the beginning of this century, with discovery, thanks to powerful telescopes of the last planets. Knowledge that these people brought to concervoir schedule of equivalent duration and even more accurate than the calendar adopted today.

And it is precisely these astronomical knowledge which I would like to stop, because I think they are an impregnable proof of a matrix common to all civilization, but at the same time, foreign to them.

Astronomical knowledge in possession of the great civilizations of the past is almost always relegated, by scientists at the needs inherent in the religious field and the necessity of giving a date in time to address certain needs of a strictly agricultural, able to determine the time of seed harvest and the arrival of the dry season or the rainy season, or in the case of Ancient Egypt, the approximation of the Nile floods. In my humble opinion, this link-astronomy agriculture is very low and quite inconsistent.

We mention before, that agriculture seems to assert the same time in the world there are about 12 000 years, bringing the birth of the earliest centers of stable community of men, and thus the birth of the first habitat become future cities that will create real civilizations. Before that Paleolithic man had lived in a semi-wild state, living by hunting and nomadism, in small groups stunted, whose smallness would not have allowed the birth of different specializations of business.
The study of astronomy and of course in the sky during the year, the various constellations, request an appropriate understanding of mathematical concepts and even spherical trigonometry, and the ability of scientific observation and instrumentation inherent.

It is quite impassable that Paleolithic man, forced into a life marked by the need to provide food and shelter, forced to defend the little he had, in addition to himself, others and animals ferocious, had time to develop such ideas, and it is equally unthinkable that one or more individuals in the world, may have had the opportunity to follow and consistency, day after day, month after month, year after years, all the different movements of the stars, big and small in the sky.

Today, our farmers (and I think it was also the case in the past) rely on anything informative models for agriculture for the environment. The time of sowing and reaping, del’arrivĂ©e of winter or summer, are “felt” in advance and determined by careful observation of the environment, such as flowering plants and trees, the color of the earth itself, the migratory behavior of some species of birds and many others. Even today, the flooding of the Nile in Egypt, are marked in advance by the nomadic behavior of certain species of animals that inhabit the river banks usually.

Of course, the farmer also observe the celestial phenomena such as solar and lunar phases, but these are bi-monthly and daily observations, which poses no problems of observation given the visibility of these planets (sun and moon), or continuous attention of an entire year.

And then you wonder, what is astronomy?

Astronomy is to say knowledge of the position and motion of the stars in the sky, in an observation time of one year in length, is the prerogative of an ancient art, but which until now has not been considered much older than the great civilizations known: navigation.

Sea, without seeing any side, the only way, for the sailor, to move and hope for a return home was (and is) rely on the obervation of the stars of heaven. As, due to the movement of our planet, the stars are never in the same place, it is necessary for each sailor, in addition to a perfect knowledge of the location in the sky of a star, knowing the apparent motion and positioning of the body over a period of time of one year. Anyone who knows a little bit in marine knows that one of the instruments necessary for navigation is the nautical Almanac say, a register in which are marked, day after day, year round, the variations of different stars, so as to provide a perfect instrument for observing marine surveys. This register is written year after year.

A civilization marine type can not ignore this knowledge and, conversely, that knowledge is the lymph of a civilization of this type. Unfortunately for us, what we know is that neither the Sumerians or the Egyptians or the Mayans or the Aztecs or the Incas were people of great navigators. Probably, the Egyptians under Pharaoh Necho, managed to complete the circumnavigation of Africa, but their “ignorance” nautical and astronomical (with reference to navigation) is shown by the fact that these improvised sailors were not believed when they claimed that at some point the sun was on the opposite side! Then how explain these astronomical knowledge.

We can only imagine, until new evidence arise, an ancient civilization highly evolved than the rest of the world Paleolithic, in possession of marine knowledge and therefore astronomqiues, very advanced in terms of agriculture, the breeding , Metallurgical, and the strictly social and political: the mythical Atlantis, Mu or Lemuria whatever it is called!

A terrible catastrophe affecting the whole world (the mythical deluge) and especially this great civilization, who unexpectedly disappears. Small disparate groups led by men of great knowledge (Various Viracocha, Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, Oannes, Osiris, Hotu Matua, and all other demigods knowledge holders) berthing in different parts of the world, coming into close contact with small local indigenous groups. Together they confront the problem after the flood, and new arrivals, the survivors of Atlantis, teach the rudiments of agriculture and livestock, supporting elements for the future survival of these groups, which in some years, or some centuries, will give life to the first great civilizations.

Unfortunately, because of the small number of people who survived the antlantide, and conditioned by the cognitive and intellectual weakness of local people, all knowledge can be retained. Not knowing the location of mineral deposits in these new places, the metal is quickly forgotten. Forced to fight a new and hostile environment and to prioritize problems, such as survival and nutrition, basic things before, like writing, are abandoned. The first population centers, because of increased water levels in the world, are created in the hinterlands, and while the waters recede, they become mainly terrestrial habitats, making the art of navigation and knowledge associated with them unnecessary. Astronomy is the use and knowledge of a few insiders (the future priestly class) who soon forget in the main use, by relegating to a strictly divinatory and oracular. Maybe the sky was observed to discover, in advance, signs, a new disaster.

These marine knowledge may also explain the presence of famous Egyptian boats, found buried under the sands at Giza, or the perfect knowledge of hydrodynamic applied to boats of the inhabitants of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.

This is a fairly reliable for what could have happened, and I think gives a much more plausible explanation of the astronomical knowledge of the different ancient peoples.

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