Alien genome-The ancient myths of human creation

One can endlessly discuss topics related to urology as the existence of the famous secret area of the USA, for, according to some, to study objects flying saucers and aliens, known as el equally famous name Area 51, or the famous alleged UFO crash at Roswell, or removal of various phenomena (abduction) or animal mutilations, or area of particular risk such as the Bermuda Triangle, or aliens who seek contact and their alter ego, the men in black. Of course all would be using photographic and video evidence more or less realistic, personal testimonies, visual reports, and documents of doubtful origin: all accompanied the skeptical smile and denigrating those who do not believe in the existence of this problematic, or at least, denies its existence a priori, just to annoy.

We have already said that the UFO interest grew from 1947, with the first report of Kenneth Arnold and his alleged UFO crash in Roswell.

Thanks to this, in the early 50s, some literature that faced a new theme, called “paleoastronautique” began to flourish, thanks to writers of various cultural environments as Leslie, Jessup (who died of a mysterious suicide a few years after), Williamson … Different themes in their works are put in the debate, from history to archeology, religion to anthropology, to disturb even the esoteric doctrines, remittent the thesis in question now identified as outdated as those of Charles Fort, the first real investigator mysterious facts.

Indeed, Fort, with his book titled “The Book of the Damned” (1919), where he list it an amazing sample of mysterious facts that really happened and sufficiently documented, issued in the first hypothesis, ridiculed by the public opinion, that an intervention took place over our creation and public policy in our history, by an extraterrestrial intelligence.

In 1953 the famous Robertson Panel decided what attitude he would have had to take on the UFO issue, not only in USA but worldwide. From the moment that UFOs did not pose a threat, there was no need to call into question the scientific laws known. For this there was a need for a systematic discrediting that can slow the steadily growing interest: an approach that became known as “debunking”.

The large audience, amazed and intrigued by the revelations provided by the proponents of paleoastronautique, and more and more suspicious because systems of silencing, as evidenced by urologists, eventually growing passion for the subject of urology and cultivate this atmosphere of suspicion, said the cover-up. Exponetiellement so will the demand for knowledge and new is striking more and more.

And that’s where the error arises from some UFO authors and literary: to support things “impossible” for the official science, we invented writing and other even more impossible, so easy to refute and to demonstrate as absolutely false, so as to induce, in some time, a reverse processes context of deionization and UFO birth to this theme, an ever more pervasive skepticism, removing any legitimacy to the work of excellent researchers.

So the son of the year, the greatest discredit regarding the existence of aliens and flying saucer, or if you prefer the term debunking, not only was the secret political organizations of various nations or dogmatic scientists, but by interpretations manipulations and inventions made from scratch, all provided precisely by those who should act to check the veracity of this problem urology.

So “contactistes” surreal as Adamsky, films probably fake alien autopsy such as Santilli, literary speculations like those of Von Daniken and other similar cases, instead of bringing evidence of the existence of an alien life, have more implausibly help lay a shadow of discredit on this topic. In a relatively short period of time, ufology and paleoastronautique could die as suddenly as they were born.

The project had an unexpected success Robertson and ally debunking the real would not have been caused only by the various national governmental institutions, but it would have indeed been created, thanks to jumps in the air with a blindfold, supporters of the same alien life!

Further or not such circumstances is not what interests me here, but I want it to analyze the historical facts and evidence, regardless of whether or not considered alien origin.

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