A wall height of 20 meters of unknown origin

28 May

20 meters wall A wall height of 20 meters of unknown origin. The wall will add the number of attractions of the southern region of Russia and will become a place of pilgrimage for tourists.

Locals have long known about this phenomenon of stone, but only recently have shown its scientists. The wall as it blocks a mountain gorge, and is an array, 20 meters high and long – more than 50. In this huge chunks of very precisely adjusted to each other – the type of cyclopean masonry. It’s a way of building, where only the weight and keep the correct form of the entire structure without any binder solution.

There is a feeling that the mythical one-eyed giant, who gave the name of this technology, playfully posed on one another giant slab. While we can not say for sure, it is natural or man-made wall, said a famous Russian ethnographer Viktor Kotlyarov

“I tell geologists that most likely it is natural. I am also inclined to think so. But nature is so tried, that the stone slabs are identical to each other, ie they have exactly the same size. They are absolutely straight 25 centimeters to 2 meters, and there is an involuntary question, whether the nature of the so tried? ”

According to local lore, of similar structures in the Caucasus, wrote many of the travelers. They erected Highlanders, blocking a narrow valley, to build a kind of fortress for protection from enemies. For example, an Italian priest, Father Lamberti three centuries ago described in his notes on the wall in 60 leagues, which is protected from attacks Mingrelia tribes living north of the Caucasus. A century later, a similar fortifications at the edge of Svan told the German orientalist Heinrich Julius Klaport.

The wall in the Cherek Valley, too, seem to man-made, although there is a feeling that there is not just working people, and representatives of other civilizations, or the Giants, said Victor Kotlyarov. According to him, this hypothesis is established:

“Very close to the same pass were found shin bone length is 78 inches. If we remember the man, his tibia an average of 50 centimeters. There is a special technique that determines the height of the individual. In this procedure, it turns out that the man was growth of more than two and a half meters. ”

However, to make such assumptions should be very careful. The memory is still fresh misunderstanding with the eggs of dinosaurs, allegedly found in Chechnya. In practice it turned out that it is simply a pile of large round stones.

A place where towering stone phenomenon, difficult to access. It is far from nahozhennyh trails, and therefore neither geologists nor ethnographers and historians are no studies are not performed. Now is the time, convinced experts to do a thorough examination of the finds, which they believe will bring a lot of amazing discoveries. In the summer of this year to the “wall of the Cyclops” go scientific expedition.

Mysterious close – said Victor Kotlyarov – but they need to do.” He is convinced that the Caucasus does not yield a miracle to the world famous English Stonehenge. “The Wall” may be one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the Caucasus, along with the ski resorts of Mount Elbrus, deep blue lakes and the famous waterfalls Chegem.

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