God broke the Hadron Collider

Hadron ColliderThe Large Hadron Collider (LHC), serious scholars have begun to express an assumption that often arise at the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) problems and issues – this “something more than coincidence.”

They believe that the noise has a very collider not to give scientists discover “incompatible with the nature of the” Higgs boson, dark matter and new dimensions, and therefore every effort CERN in this direction is doomed to failure.
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Ancient iron pipes in China

Ancient iron pipesAncient iron pipes in China amazing archaeological discoveries, mysterious artifacts, fragments of the great civilizations disappeared, evidence of the incredible antiquity of mankind give birth to more and more scientists to a standstill.

In 2002 a group of Chinese archaeologists went to the north-west of the country’s desert outback Province Cong Hai. The purpose of the expedition was to study the strange discovery made by nomadic pastoralists in the mountain Baygongshan.
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10 female attitudes that excite men

female attitudesFemale attitudes that excite men behaviors make a man lose control and turn in an instant, causing a collision inside
The men we love to woo women, seduce, surprise them, love them, but mostly we like that they are attracted, sure, we like to always be the engine that comes on, but what happens when they are the ones that a little attitude we ‘take the match “?
Sometimes unconsciously look to some girl who “put in check” with certain actions, girls we “change the script” and we are the ones to lose control.

A woman with an accent. A girl is not exactly your country gives a plus compared to other girls, always listen to an unfamiliar accent is often very attractive to the ears of a man, foreign accents are often very sexy when girls Launch a word flirt.
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Unravel the mystery of the legendary “White City”

Holy CityUnravel the mystery of the legendary “White City” in Honduras archaeological discoveries are hoping to do in the near future, scientists conducting research Antiquities in Honduras. Recently, there were hopes that they will finally find the legendary “White City”, which probably existed in what is now the Central American country long before the arrival of Spanish conquistadors in the region.

Through the use of new technologies that were used to scan hard-to-air area near the Caribbean coast of Honduras, the researchers obtained data that there are the ruins of the ancient city. Perhaps we are talking about the “White City”, which the ancient tribes called the “holy city”.
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Asteroid flew close to the Earth.

asteroid Asteroid flew close to the Earth on Monday evening flew past Earth at a distance of about 57,000 kilometers, on Tuesday morning, the planet is waiting for another “guest” – Asteroid 2012 KT42 razminetsya with the Earth at a distance of 20,000 kilometers, which is lower than the orbits of geostationary satellites.

Asteroid 2012 was discovered by KP24 on May 23. The calculations showed that in 2012 KP24 refers to a family of asteroids Apollo, whose orbits intersect the orbit of the planet and the orbit of Mars. To this type belong to about two-thirds of known asteroids, near-Earth (NEA).
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10 world’s most fastest smartphones

smartphonesThe electronic market for a smartphone, which have fast processors, are resistant to water and take several photos in seconds
The evolution of mobile phones has been by leaps and bounds, just going to imagine 10 years ago, that market many alternatives exist and that they not only offer the option of entering into a telephone, but we could even have internet access , email and a host of utilities with thousands of applications that exist in electronic stores.

So many features in a portable device requires the best technology to provide users with adequate response capacity each time it activates any application or feature of your mobile phone.
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The first land animals were not able to move

land animalsThe first land animals were not running were not able to move around the earth, just as do modern amphibians. To such conclusion scientists recreated in the computer, the anatomy of first land creatures.
Experts have studied the remains of creatures called ihtiostega. These animals lived about 360 million years ago, considered a transitional link between fish and amphibians. So far, the scientists view was that the land ihtiostega more or less uniformly used all four limbs, and her gait did not differ from gait, such as salamanders.
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A wall height of 20 meters of unknown origin

20 meters wall A wall height of 20 meters of unknown origin. The wall will add the number of attractions of the southern region of Russia and will become a place of pilgrimage for tourists.

Locals have long known about this phenomenon of stone, but only recently have shown its scientists. The wall as it blocks a mountain gorge, and is an array, 20 meters high and long – more than 50. In this huge chunks of very precisely adjusted to each other – the type of cyclopean masonry. It’s a way of building, where only the weight and keep the correct form of the entire structure without any binder solution.
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Female 125 years confessed his secret to longevity

 longevitySecret to longevity has been a well coveted by mankind for millennia. Science, magic, and some other disciplines have devoted substantial energies to the pursuit of this Chalice, but until now has been found, or at least revealed the prized secret.

Fulla Nayak recently died at 125 years in his native Kanapur, Orissa. According to some, she was the oldest woman in the world, which is why one of her grandsons asked, a couple of weeks, a certificate from the Guinness Book of Records. And before he died, when asked about his secret for 25 years having passed the century of existence, she agreed to reveal: to smoke marijuana regularly.
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The world’s smallest man

smallest manThe Guinness World Records experts will travel to a valley in southeastern Nepal to measure the height of a man 72 years old, who claims to be the youngest man in the world.

It is called Chandra Bahadur Dangi, and issued a news conference that mostrço on television in this country said that measures just 56 centimeters and weighs 12 kilos.