Weird and wonderful Weather

08 Apr

WeatherNew York Time reported on the changes in the assessment of the climate situation, the UN experts. Until now, it was decided to emphasize only the global warming, but recent events have forced to reclassify what is happening in the framework of the “strange weather”. Indeed, in the city of Mumbai (India) fell to 900 millimeters of precipitation per day, which caused huge losses and thousands of victims. At the same time in the U.S. and UK land remained practically dry during the winter, and many farmers do not even plan to start the processing of their lands, before considering it useless. The number of storms and hurricanes increases literally every day, and experts fear waiting for the approximation of the summer.

Imbalance of the environment is obvious, but the reports and warnings of experts did not reach the ears of politicians. Apparently, the destruction of the environment will continue until the losses become intolerable. The problem is that in many respects, according to the UN, we have already exceeded the level that allows the possibility of returning to normal.

In other words, the chances of saving civilization deteriorate before our eyes. One can only hope for a miracle, or that the population of the planet, lulling the apparent prosperity is finally awake.

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