The third world is predictable-because it is not possible

worldThe new scale of danger of war is … the conviction of its impossibility. Everything is so stupid, that works just as once, in an unaltered form. Closer to war, the better it proved impossible.
Think before the First War and the Second World War there was no political scientists, geo-politicians, lobbyists and other parasitic strata of intellectual class? There were no economists, writers and futurists? There were also abundant. If you look at the press in 1913, and especially the press in 1939, you can find the most authentic, compelling theory of the impossibility of large-scale wars. You can choose from a variety of denial: it is impossible, because there is a single economy and mutual investments, it is impossible, because the consequences would be disastrous for everyone involved, it is impossible, because all flee. And so on.
The closer to the war, the better it proved impossible.
And now we hear it – with regard to Iran and China, Russia and the Arab world. Tales of the best army the world serve to lull its own population and swell like a toad in front of a viper in front of new modes of neighbors. The atomic bomb? How much can you believe that technology is seventy years ago will not be available in time for everybody, except for the prostitutes, who themselves had to give up?
The truth is that very few thinkers have felt distant from the policy approach hecatombs. Felt her cultural background. And without any geopolitical reality simulations predict future slaughter and destruction not only of people – an entire civilization. Look at the famous among a small minority of intelligent thing – “In the Shadow of Tomorrow,” and understand how everything that is said in this brochure relevant right now. Yes, war always begins in the mind, in morals, or rather in its degradation. At the time of taking Belgium by the Germans during the First War, the British invented a story that the Germans rest of it chopped baby in the hospital. This story was repeated in the Second War. This is a story told about Iraq during the first Gulf War. Finally, the story about weapons of mass destruction and clowning Powell in the UN General Assembly opened a card for the overthrow of Saddam and putting corrupt pseudo-government in Iraq, once a rich and civilized country. Now exactly the same we see in Iran.
A terrorist acts? A very controversial act of terrorism took place in New York. After several hours of heroic U.S. intelligence announced to the whole world bin Laden, although the previous ten years has been insufficient to reveal the insidious plan of this shtatovskih puppets, has concluded a contract with the owners at an early age. But do not attack, is also very turbid, the First World War?
It is true that the world is governed by a few flaws, no matter how outdated it sounded.
They hold hands in the iron pile senile: Shareholders S & P GDP and unemployment, prospective candidates and noble “leaders of the nation.” To them is entrusted the destiny of this planet. Defect does not fail, but its speakers are wrong, though sometimes – it’s a little crazy people. Therefore, from any shallow scrapes, like a hundred years ago in an instant can grow crops nuclear mushroom and millions of corpses as a fruitful substrate – for future generations, even more useless and infantile.

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