The quietest room in the world can be a maddening

05 Apr

maddeningThe laboratory Orfild (USA) created a camera capable of absorbing 99.99% of the sounds. However, the silence, the dream of many, is intolerable. At the moment a record stay in the anechoic chamber is only 45 minutes.
The invention is a room in the Guinness Book of Records the lead, but the person who decides to remain within its walls for a long time, there will be mental disorders in the form of hallucinations.
Steve Orfild, president and founder of the company wishing to offer to try to beat the record set by a journalist. A man has managed to stay in an anechoic chamber in the dark for 45 minutes.
In such circumstances, a person hears nothing, he turns to the sound source the heartbeat, stomach growling, breathing. In this room, it is recommended to be sitting as a full perception of any lost signals. A person can not focus on the sounds that are not. By the way, this room is used for testing astronauts.
Manufacturers spend in the chamber test your sound output (mobile phones, switches, instrument panels of cars, the sounds of the heart valves). Its services have been used as the company Whirlpool and Harley-Davidson. Orfild himself admitted that he may not be in the absolute silence of more than thirty minutes.

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