The Pentagon’s Nightmare

25 Apr

NightmareInnumerable claims of our citizens to the weather reports. Criticism of Hydro meteorological forecasts, and other institutions of the predictions of temperature, precipitation and pressure now becomes dangerous forms. A little more, and there will be protest marches against the wrong weather. And this is understandable.

Imagine a man sent from home on business, anticipating the promised summaries of all the sun. It appears from the entrance, and he does not meet the promised rain by anyone. But man, is in shorts and a net. What do you mean forecast for a week! – Screaming people. – They can not predict, even for the next half hour.

Yes, the problem is, say meteorologists. And be sure to be referenced to the poor funding.

But the fact is that where the money is there, the forecasts also raise questions. This is me on the main U.S. military, which received a welcome from the futurists report titled “Weather Report: 2010-2020.”

Naturally, such a long-term prognosis is not concerned that the weather will be tomorrow or the next day in Arizona in yatka. The generals are interested in – whether global climate change on the planet to destabilize the sociopolitical situation in the world. It turned out that even as they can.

The report’s authors, Peter Schwartz and Douglas Randall come from how to behave in the future, the oceans, if he begins to live by different laws than now, the consequences will be dire. Then in Europe, Asia and North America, much colder. And in the southern hemisphere wait much heat. In the case of climate change, water shortages occur, the strategic resources (not least in oil). All this will prepare the ground for war. Becomes inevitable, and the spread of nuclear weapons.

In such event, the authors tell us, on globalization in the form in which it now proceeds, it seems, will have to put a cross. According to the report, which will begin around hunger and strife. Europe, cools, becomes similar to Siberia. And China, the cooling is not worse than in Europe, too, will put the teeth on the shelf.

Guess who the best will survive the climate cataclysm? It’s true. They are the most. The United States. However, soil fertility decline and they have.

But the main thing – not climatic shocks. And the spectacle that played out after the geopolitical scene. It turns out that South Korea will merge in ecstasy with the North. And they shall be one country saber-rattling the neighborhood itself, including nuclear. And Russia would be entirely prescribed in Europe. But we must be alert. With such and such riches, we can easily become an “oasis”, which are different hankering bad neighbors.
Restless China will send troops to Kazakhstan – to protect the piping from the local “saboteurs, insurgents and criminals.” U.S. to merge with Canada to protect all of North America on the perimeter – from international refugees. To do this, Americans are invited to watch the watchmen yet, and Mexico. However, in 2025 the United States itself would be forced to escape to Saudi Arabia, where to start something like a civil war. States, of course, is no stranger, but it turns out that in the way of the squadron in Saudi Arabia it will meet the naval forces of China. And to start something completely wrong.

How terrible to live!- Said to be a Russian actress. However, the authors reduce the level of anxiety. In their understanding, natural disasters (think about the violation of the laws of the World Ocean) will be able to withstand only the U.S. and Australia, which “will surround himself a fortress, because they have the resources and reserves, allowing to achieve self-sufficiency.”

After such a scenario, and it is represented only by fragments of the best, Peter Schwartz and Douglas Randall declared a sudden around the world, including the customer that the probability of such a development is extremely low. So what’s the “trick”? And most importantly, what kind of music ordered the Pentagon, if he pays? Sow panic in the ranks of humanity? To begin, I wondered who these forecasters. The network responds differently. But there is a group of fans that once the apocalypse is always a joy. However, the “prominent forecasters,” it is easy to check. Suffice to print their calendar shocks (as he is in the Network in excess), hang on stenochku and celebrate in the system “was – no.” Well, for example …

In 2010. Border clashes and conflicts between Bangladesh, India and China with simultaneous mass migration in the direction of Myanmar.

Something I do not remember …

In 2012. The flow of refugees to southeast U.S. and in Mexico with the Caribbean islands. Severe drought and cold chase in the south of the Scandinavian population, which has met with resistance from other European Union countries.

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