The oceans quarrel coral with algae

oceans, coralEcologists have discovered yet another negative effect exerted by the ocean on the coral. It is associated with an increase in the acidity of ocean waters.Corals of many species prefer to settle on surfaces covered with algae and childbirth. According to scientists, these algae, corals younger feel “real paradise”. In the new work, researchers have discovered an unexpected effect – the growth of corals acidity preferences are changing. In particular, the level of acidity, as predicted by the end of the XXI century, 45 percent of the corals start to avoid the mentioned genera of algae. According to scientists, it can negatively affect the development of coral reefs, as fewer coral settles next to them. In addition, many settles on the ground, unsuitable for coral growth.

At the present time, the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leads to the fact that the water in the oceans absorb the gas and becomes more acidic. Impact of rising acidity on coral reefs are still unclear. For example, the effects on the growth of global temperature (which is often associated with an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere) in the Indian Ocean outweigh the effects of acidity and growth of corals grow higher. On the other hand, the increased acidity leads to the fact that coral calcium is harder to get out of the water, and they created the skeletons dissolve over time.

The implications for the oxidation of marine life is now very actively studied. For example, the increase in acidity leads to the fact that water is a better conductor of sound. In particular, by 2050, according to some researchers , the sound of the water will be distributed 70 percent more than today. As a consequence, the ocean becomes too loud, such as whales.

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