The new giant vortex Seen on Mars

06 Apr

MarsSpace telescopes have taken a picture of a giant pillar of dust on Mars is 800 meters in height. But as it turned out – this is just beginning. March 14 orbital reconnaissance unit spotted just a sandy whirlwind of incredible size – 20 kilometers in altitude.

Whirlwind was to detect the Amazon valley, which is located in the northern hemisphere of Mars. Despite its striking high altitude trail just 70 meters in width.

After the recent tornado in Dallas, which swept down to, trucks can only assume, will operate the rovers after a collision with vortex.

The photograph was taken in late northern spring. Two short weeks Martian summer solstice when the earth in the middle latitudes of the northern hemisphere at this time is very hot in the sun.

Sandy vortices – a huge column of air that become visible by the dust they pick up. Unlike tornadoes, vortices are formed on a clear day, when heated by the ground begins to warm the air above the ground. At the “favorable” conditions, the hot air begins to rise from the surface through a pocket of cold air above him, he begins to rotate at high speed.

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