The nail of Christ

22 Apr

ChristThe life of any modern man is unthinkable without the use of any metal objects. We eat with metal spoons, forks and knives, we move in cars, made of metal, the metal – the basis for most of the conductors of electric current through the metal, we drilled the earth, metal we fight, with the metal heat their homes (radiators, tubes). And replacement of radiators in the cottage, too, is associated with the use of metal. First of all, themselves made of metal pipes, and secondly, they must be mounted with the help of metal tools.

However, the metal often linked and rather strange history. In many religious cults, or that the artifacts are made of iron, copper, brass or other metals and alloys, are endowed with sacred meaning.
Metal product made by human hands, it may even become the object of worship. As one of such examples are the nail that was removed from the flesh of Christ after the removal of Jesus from the cross. The nail has become a real Christian shrine, which, according to representatives of various Christian denominations, is one of the main stay of the evidence of the Saviour on earth.

It is believed that the body of Jesus had been hammered four nails. But today, in Europe alone, there are sacred nails for more than two dozen. The fact is that in almost every country in its time, the decision to make copies of those same nails with which Christ was crucified. Some of them really added a drop of metal from the original nails from the cross of Calvary, and some just delivered to the original, thus transferring a spiritual force.

That is why today it is difficult to say whether in Russia the same nail with Holy Cross, or it is nothing more than a copy made centuries after the events of Calvary. However, this does not detract from the dignity of the relics for Christians.

It turns out that of the metal may be a heartless soul. And it is for the faithful can be a real incentive to strengthen faith. Every religion uses some artifacts for more adaptive narrative’s main ideas. The nail of Christ – a vivid example of how a believer can confer spiritual power, even inanimate nature.

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