The island of Bermuda and a little green

13 Apr

Island, BermudaWhat keeps the secrets of a small piece of land next to the big city. While Rostov experts on UFOs and the paranormal puzzled over phenomenon de Sales, directly from them at hand, within the boundaries of the regional capital, was lying area, comparable perhaps to degree of abnormality, not only with the infamous de Sales, but even with the famous M-sky triangle.

What is the official name of this zone will (if it gets!), It is not clear. But most of all – something like – under the name of a small island in the middle of the Don, which became the focus of mysterious and unexplained phenomena.
Rumors that the Green Island is not all clear in Rostov spread long before the current craze of flying saucers and the aliens from another world. Sometime in the mid 20s, according to the recollections of old residents, the citizens passed from mouth to mouth, scary stories about ghosts, living dead and drowned, the alleged entrenched in the island.

Then stir awake. And the time is now such that a fascination with mysticism patted on the head does not have. Just before the war, in a muffled talking about what that mysterious omens that happened again in the Green. They then rumored to be urgently addressed NKVD.

Then for many years on Green Island were silenced. It was only sometime in the mid-’70s, he was again called to emerge in the conversations. Here is a brief written by an eyewitness memory, which has a direct bearing on the island.

Green Island in the evening, at sunset. Left the boat on the shore, not far from the spit, I went into the bushes for the brushwood to make a fire. From Don, I went very close and move all the time right Рin the direction opposite to my stand.

Imagine my surprise when suddenly in front of the branches parted, and I went on shore to his boat. I could not get lost, the forest here – one name! And yet the impression was as if, for a dense wander more, I made a circle and came back where you started.

This puzzled me. I once overgrown, though in a different place, but was back on shore. And so – five times.The most amazing thing that a small compass, set into the strap of my watch, all the while showing the correct direction. The last two attempts I made, specifically referring to him ….

Another mysterious accident involving a green island, separated in time from the first of almost a dozen years. This time on the sand bar islands sailed Rostovites young company. Two hours later after the kids have settled on the banks of the soil suddenly began to vibrate almost imperceptibly. Blurred the outlines of surrounding objects, hung in the air shrill, ear buzzing on the oppressive. Getting young people think that the blame for the Comet, floated down the river, or something funny happens on the other side of the Don, where is located the port and shipyards. However, to determine the source of the sound they have not succeeded. Half an hour later the vibration and hum began to call the guys excruciating headache and stopped only when the company plunged into the boat and moved to another location.

But the incident that occurred recently – last summer. At Green Island for the weekend arrived family – mother, father and six year old daughter. On the bank of the Don pitched a tent, made a fire, cooked his ear. The girl was there all the time with their parents, and suddenly, while her mother washed the dishes, and his father tinkered with the engine of his disappeared. Lasted for two hours searching until the girl suddenly have found peacefully asleep in the tent. As there was Juvenile Anya – it is not clear, given that until one of her parents frantically scouring the woods in a fruitless search for her daughter, the second all the time was near a tent – in case the child will return itself.

Anna managed to wake up immediately. And when the parents are completely exhausted after all it’ll find you a confused explanation of the girls just could not understand and that she fled into the woods, played, and came to a clearing with some sort of black stone in the middle and then it became so much sleepy, she leaned against a rock and fell asleep. More than a girl could not remember anything. There are no consequences for Anya did not have her adventure. However, the mother says that after the incident, the girl’s eyes were dark, from gray brown becoming almost ceased to curl her hair and changed the location of moles on the body.

Before, she had never talked in his sleep – Tells Anya’s mother. – And now – it is. And neither I nor my father, can not understand – the language she speaks …

These three cases are … – a small part of the wonderful information which has recently become to accumulate in our editorial, after we are interested in Green Island. Cases must be said, pretty typical. Most of the witnesses in one voice, and repeat the strange disappearances on the island, are found only in a few hours (even days), with memory lapses, and the so-called folded space that lead astray, as they say, in broad daylight, and the unexplained noises, voices out of nowhere, inexplicable vibrations in different parts of the island.

To interpret these contradictory facts was not easy. In part – because of their fragmentation, partly due to the fact that most of us have turned to the witness wished to remain anonymous and refused to help in our research.

So far, unfortunately, the Green Island did not get in the field of view and serious experts on UFOs and the paranormal. However, it turned out that among non-specialists have long been portrayed in theory, not only directly related to accidents on the said piece of land and diverting him the role of the anomalous zone number one of our region.

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