The confidence of the faith in God from the mind

AllahAll are People with methodical mind there is no belief in God – they are likely to adhere to non-belief. However, even people with well-developed intuition can doubt the faith, if you begin to solve multifaceted problems, say Canadian sociologists. Subtleties of faith, explored employees of the University of British Columbia, Will Gervais and Ara Norenzaryan. They conducted two experiments with 650 students. First, volunteers have written test on analytical skills, then respond to questions about the attitude toward religion. The researchers then compared the extent of their religion and rationality.
A second test asked students to solve problems, to develop logical thinking and imagination. Subjects were shown an image of the sculpture “The Thinker” by Auguste Rodin, and ancient Greek sculpture “Discus Thrower” and proposed a set of several tests, recruited smaller, “scientific” type. The researchers conducted a similar survey again, which contained questions such as “I believe in God,” “When I get in trouble, I want to ask for help from God” and “I just do not understand what religion is.”
The first experiment showed that people who initially thinking analytically, are not inclined to believe in the divine. After the second experiment were less than in God to believe, even those who had demonstrated a deep inclination towards religion.
The spirituality of the individual affected by a combination of several complex factors, and our discovery shows that the human cognitive system associated with the analytical mind, affects the individual’s unwillingness to believe in the supernatural,” – said Gervais.
The findings of our study indicate that activation of analytical thinking in the brain of the system could undermine the intuitive belief, at least for a while,” – said Norenzayan.
Meanwhile, recently, researchers from Bristol University found that people are born with a belief in the supernatural.

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