Strange circles exposed on Mars

StrangeGraduates who were engaged in that would be like most of us have dealt with images of high expansion, taken with HiRISE, Mars Reconnaissance satellites discovered strange curly spirals on the surface of Mars.
These elements are seen on Earth, but now they were first discovered on Mars. Elements on Mars, called lava rings are larger. “On Mars the size of the largest ring in the width of 30 meters – said Andrew Ryan, of Arizona State University. The size of the ring more than any lava on Earth. ”
Lava rings resemble snails or nautilus shells. Ryan managed to find 269 such rings only in the region named Cerberus Palus. Of these, 174 are wrapped clockwise, 43 counter-clockwise, and 52 were not classified because of the limited resolution of images.
On Earth, the rings of lava can be found in Hawaii, mostly on the surface covered by basaltic lava flows. They are mainly formed along the slow-moving areas in the stream, for example, along the edges of small canals, and the direction determined by the rings of lava.

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