Scientists have discovered how the AIDS virus deceives the immune cells

AIDSSpain and Germany have unraveled one of the key mechanisms of immunodeficiency virus in the human body, which will create new treatments for AIDS.
A team led by Javier Martinez-Picado (Javier Martinez-Picado) of the Centre for the Study of AIDS in Barcelona IrsiCaixa described in an article published in the journal PLoS Biology, a previously unknown mechanism of the virus HIV-1 in dendritic cells – a type of immune system cells of human .

These cells are located in the mucous membranes of man, the first meet the infection. They are laughing harmful cells, and then transmit the samples to other immune cells – T lymphocytes, which trigger a full-blown immune response.

Due to the still unknown mechanism, the HIV virus is able to deceive the dendritic cells, penetrate them, and then distributed together with the lymphatic system. The virus then begins to attack the T-lymphocytes, which ultimately leads to severe impairment of the immune system and loss of life from non-hazardous for healthy infections.

Martinez-Picado group suggested that a key element for the capture of dendritic cells may be one of the types of lipid molecules – the so-called gangloizidy. These molecules are present in the membrane of dendritic cells and the virus can use them in order to prevent the immune cells to identify themselves.

To test this hypothesis, scientists have created several types of artificial psevdovirusnyh particles, some of which were in the membrane molecules gangloizidov, and some of them were denied. The experimental results showed that the particles in the membrane gangloizidami able to penetrate into dendritic cells.

Scientists note that although the mechanism of “deception” of dendritic cells requires further study, gangloizidy may become a promising target for future treatments for HIV infection.

Martinez-Picado noted that to date there is only so-called anti-retroviral therapy, which helps to improve the quality of life, but does not cure it, as the body continues the processes of reproduction of the virus.

Open our mechanism of HIV in the body will develop new drugs, which in combination with antiretrovirals will be able to defeat the disease, – said the scientist.

According to the researchers, to develop a new drug takes 10 to 15 years.

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