Scientists have discovered 40 dinosaur eggs

Dinosaur, eggsThe fossilized eggs of very old lizards found the faculty members in the CSU geology expedition in Sharoi district of the republic. According to scientists, giant reptiles lay eggs about 60 million years ago. Have made wonderful discovery, the expedition “Chechnya – tourism center.” A group of scientists and public figures set out in the Sharoi area to explore two mountain waterfall, which were not previously studied by geographers. We have studied the terrain, and suddenly someone has paid attention to the balls flat shape, which lay on the rocks around – told Life News Head of the Laboratory, “Landscape Research” CSU Said-Emin Dzhabrailov. – Judging by the form, we immediately assumed that it can be fossilized eggs.

Scientists have measured immediately. It was found that the size of eggs from 25 cm to 1 meter in diameter – about 40 pieces.

– Seen chips can clearly see how the shell is drawn yolk and white – said Said-Emin Dzhabrailov. – We have some fragments to test the physical and chemical composition.

According to researchers, masonry, probably belongs to the herbivorous dinosaurs. However, to make accurate conclusions, the conclusion must be a paleontologist.

In Chechnya, such expertise is not, so now awaiting the arrival of the scientist discoverers from Moscow. With the help of radio-carbon analysis can tell exactly what is the origin of the mysterious balls – they are of biological origin, felts, or geological.

– At 90% we are confident that it was discovered dinosaur eggs – summed Dzhabrailov. – Now we spend more field and desk studies and will soon make a final conclusion.

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