Scientists have created a cloak of invisibility

01 Apr

watchCloak of invisibility, consisting of metamaterials, refracting light in the opposite direction, the direct evidence of this.
Details of the structure to create a unique metamaterial described in the journal “Applied Physics”. The principle of the cloak is that it is projected onto the foreground what is behind him. This creates the effect of invisibility, which is required for a small amount of energy. Electrical impulses travel through the gold and silver dielectrics.
The inventor Kevin Vora says that the image projected to the front of his cloak, while not clear, and in the future remains to be improving this technology.
Thief worked at one time with Eric Mazur, a scientist who is known for his scientific experiments in the marine industry. By means of a femtosecond laser, these specialists in applied physics revealed changes in the electrical, optical and physical properties of the material, acting on them purposeful flash of light.

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