Scientists have counted the number of hits of mysterious matter in the ordinary human

13 Apr

dark, matterThe University of Michigan and the University of Stockholm, to quantify the interaction of the human body with dark matter. Article scientists are not accepted for publication, but its preprint available at web site. In the study, researchers examined the average person weighing 70 kilograms. Dark matter are considered consisting of a WIMP (WIMP) – weakly interacting massive particles. Results through the human body every second pass billions of dark matter particles, of which interact with the atoms of the body only a few. First, scientists have determined that most interactions occur between the WIMP and the oxygen atoms or hydrogen. When the energy of 60 GeV WIMPs are dozens of such collisions a year. At lower energies (scientists considered several plausible theories) the number of collisions can reach hundreds of thousands a year (about one collision every five minutes).

Dark matter – a hypothetical substance of which is 80 percent of all matter in the universe. It originated in theoretical physics in the 70s of last century to explain the anomalous distribution of velocities of stars and gas in galaxies – astrophysicists have found that this movement is due to strong gravitational effects, which can not be explained only by the visible matter.

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