Powerful earthquake in the history of northern France

08 Apr

England and the northern coast of France is extremely rare with serious earthquake. However, April 6, 1580 in the Dover Strait was very strong and powerful earthquake in the history of northern France, Flanders and England. It happened about six o’clock in the evening. This earthquake was mentioned in many documents of the time. For example, it is reflected in the famous letter to Gabriel Harvey to Edmund Spencer, and is called – “the letter of the earthquake.” Also in William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” is a reference to this cataclysm. Thus, the product of the nurse says it’s an earthquake, which seems to have survived, and the author himself.

The most tragic was the fate of people navigating on the English Channel. Terrifying wave height sunk a lot of Flemish, French and British ships. Thus, the survivor of a passenger on a sailing boat, the next from Dover, said that sometimes the surface of the sea was higher than the mast of his ship.

Major earthquake strikes lasted a quarter of an hour. These attacks were accompanied by a tsunami, “flood” engulfing the city and the countryside. The tsunami drowned a lot of people and cattle. The city wall is partially collapsed, and because of the crumbling walls of buildings and structures affected so many people. A lot of people were seriously injured, and the number of dead chronicles do not tell, but one can assume that there were many.

Eyewitnesses told the cataclysm that overturned furniture, wine barrels rolling on the floor of the building collapsed, falling from a building stone, and collapsed and the bell tower of the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Lotra. In Flanders, formed in the walls cracked, chimneys fell, the roar of farmers reported working in the fields. The elements are not spared and the English coast. There’s also a part of the walls fell, half a dozen chimneys fell in London. The stones fell from the roof of the Church of Christ Hospital, which killed two children.

Many Puritans saw the cause of earthquakes in the theater scene which appeared in London, who was considered the devil’s work. The consequences of the earthquake was devastating: many buildings collapsed, killing many people, the coast of England modified. Aftershocks have caused the second tsunami that drowned 120 people. As a result, several buildings were destroyed, affecting more than thirty ships. Thus, the passengers of a ship that survived the tsunami, was told that during the rough seas of a ship the keel cling bottom, moreover, that the depth of the Channel is more than 20 meters – the height of the waves were huge. Further tremors were observed in the east Kent.

During the project the transnational tunnel under the English Channel were studies that showed that the earthquake of 1580 in the South of England had a value of from 5.4 to 5.9 points. And despite the fact that it is seismically safe zone. Studies have identified the location of the epicenter, which was under the channel. Also established the depth – about 25 kilometers.

Some scholars, based on historical records of earthquakes suggest that this earthquake was caused by the periodic tectonic activity. According to their conclusions, such earthquakes occur in the strait with a certain Durskom cycles, approximately every two hundred years.

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