History has become myths

This work represents a unique attempt to combine into a single picture of the myths of most ancient civilizations, history of the first royal dynasties of Sumer and Egypt, and some ancient historical documents, the information obtained from the works of ancient writers, and the Bible, taking the chronological framework referred to in her event.… Read more History has become myths

The magnetic poles of the Sun is temporarily cool the Earth

On the Sun in May 2012 may be formed four magnetic poles, which can cause a temporary cooling of the Earth. This was stated by Japanese scientists of the National Observatory and the Institute of Natural Sciences. Their conclusions are based on long-term observations, which leads the Sun Satellite Sunrise. On our luminary magnetic poles… Read more The magnetic poles of the Sun is temporarily cool the Earth

Ultra-violet threat

19th April about 19 hours to the west of Moscow for 25-30 minutes, were observed in the north-western sector of the sky ribbon of variously separate pearl (“polar stratospheric”) clouds. The sun was at an altitude of 30-35 degrees, blue-gray haze was closed. The appearance of such clouds – a direct indication of the strong… Read more Ultra-violet threat