Mystical City

14 Apr

Mystical, CityThe City Kairouan is the oldest Muslim city in Tunisia. He is a holy city for every Muslims, along with Medina, Jerusalem and Mecca. Every year thousands of pilgrims come Kairouan to celebrate the birthday of the Prophet. Kairouan is located in the central part of Tunisia at the crossroads of trade routes. It was founded in VΙΙ century Arab leader of the House of Aghlabid. On the choice of the base of the city influenced the presence of nearby water source, which is thought to have been associated with the holy source of the Earth Earth in Mecca.
Only after logging in Kairouan French army in 1881 were able to visit the muslim city people of different faiths. Prior to that, Kairouan could include only Muslims.

In the city of many monuments of antiquity. There are many beautiful mosques and tombs of saints. In an atmosphere of religious spirit is clearly felt.

Sightseeing is best to start with a visit to baths and mosques Aghlabid Sidi Uqba and Sidi Sahab. You can get to the swimming pool from the city center down the street by Ibn al-Jazar. Baths were built in 862 and represent a large cisterns, filled with water through a system of aqueducts. High-quality filtration system that allowed the system to use the baths as a city reservoir.

It should go a hundred meters from the swimming baths on the street by Ibn al-Aglab, as you’ll get an amazing mosque of Sidi Sahab. The people call it a mosque barber. After all, there are relics of the saint Abu Jama al Balawi, who was a friend of Mohammed, and always wore a hair from the beard of the Prophet.

Also worth seeing this and the mosque of Sidi Uqba, which is considered a masterpiece of Arabian architecture. This magnificent building was erected in 836 year dynasty Aghlabid. Impressed with the prayer hall, where a set of support columns 600.

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