Map of the brain-who is responsible for intelligence

13 Apr

BrainThe Scientists at the University of Illinois for the first time in the history of neurosurgeon, mapped the physical architecture of intelligence in the brain. In other words, now scientists know exactly where is the human mind and about how it works.

During a large-scale study, researchers conducted the most deep and complete analysis of the results of scans of the brain in experimental unique: 182 Vietnam veterans with brain injuries resulting from penetrating head injury. In order to discover the structure of the brain responsible for intelligence, it is necessary, such patients – with specific forms of cognitive impairment. “The experimental” of this type is extremely small, because brain injury (concussion, stroke, etc.) usually affect the whole brain regions, which complicates the task of determining the contribution of specific cognitive structures of the brain.

By comparing the cognitive abilities of patients with certain injuries, with patients who have similar areas of the brain are intact, the scientists were using computed tomography of the brain three-dimensional map of the brain. On this map, consisting of 3000 voxels (three dimensional pixels) you can see which areas of the brain responsible for human intelligence.

It was found that general intelligence depends on certain regions of the brain and the connections between them. First of all, it’s the left prefrontal cortex (for the forehead), the left temporal cortex (behind the ear) and left parietal cortex (in the upper back of the head). Play an important role and associative way in the white matter of the brain that connect the regions responsible for intelligence. The researchers also found that the brain areas responsible for planning, self and others to a large extent determine the general intelligence. It seems the epithet “smart” is inextricably linked with the ability to plan work, ability to concentrate on the task, the acquisition of new skills, etc.

In general, a new study argues that intelligence is not based on one specific area of ​​the brain, and the coordinated work of various regions of the brain and strong associative links that integrate a variety of information.

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