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29 Apr

Artificial, DNAThe led scientists to assess the possibility of another existence of extraterrestrial life.
Artificially produced a substance similar to DNA can store information in the same way as does the human DNA. For storage of all information in the cells of the human body responds DNA and RNA. Recently, an international group of scientists introduced synthetic molecule similar to DNA. The new molecule is called XNA.
The study, published in Science, scientists have demonstrated that the XNA can store and copy the information in the same way as does the DNA in the organism of living beings. XNA can additionally bind to DNA and RNA.

The structure of new molecules differs from that of natural DNA and RNA: sugar deoxyribose and ribose components are replaced by one of the six other sugar or a similar component.
Research shows that XNA, in laboratories are exposed to conditions close to conditions of natural selection, can develop in a process reminiscent of the evolution.

The fact that synthetic molecules can both transmit genes on, and subject to evolution, shows that DNA and RNA as genetic material is not unique, the researchers said.

In a study of characteristics of the synthetic DNA, scientists have taken from the UK, Belgium, Denmark and Canada. American researcher Gerald Joyce (Gerald Joyce) argues that there are many areas for use XNA, for example, diagnosis and treatment.

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