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05 Apr

sunSpace era of human history, it turns out, coincided with a period of unusually high solar activity, nicknamed the great peak. Isotopes in the ice sheets, and tree rings suggest that these great solar maxima for the last 9300 years was 24 – says Luke Barnard of the University of Reading (UK). – This coming to an end, that is, indicators of the solar magnetic field will soon fall, reduced the number of sunspots, coronal mass ejections will happen less often. One would think: this is great! shining calm, no longer so often throw away their coronal emission of the Earth, humanity will live safer. But no. Scientists in this case concerned the fall of the solar magnetic field. After a lot of it depends on. The strength of the magnetic field controls the amount of solar radiation in the near-Earth space. A source of cosmic rays or radiation are the galactic cosmic rays and solar energetic particles that are accelerated by solar eruptions. This radiation, we recall, is very dangerous. It is a threat, for example, satellites, and can harm the astronauts, and even the crew is particularly high flying aircraft.
Reduction of the average magnetic field intensity lights will increase the number of galactic cosmic rays reaching the Earth’s neighborhood – predicts Dr. Barnard. – In addition, it is predicted that, although the decrease in solar activity would lead to less frequent release of high-energy particles, the flash will be stronger and will cause more harm.

A snag is that the current space vehicles and aircraft are protected only by the level of radiation, which was observed during the space age.

I compared the current grand maximum of 24 previous – reported a scientist – and I believe that solar activity will fall to very low levels – one that was in the XVII century. This period was called the “Maunder minimum.” During this period, it was observed a few sunspots.

According to the scientist, in the near future, the flux of galactic cosmic rays will increase by 2.5 times compared to today’s value, and large emissions of high-energy particles will occur about twice a century, with the current five times. Much more likely that in the next 40 years solar activity will decrease by about half, and in this case the flux of GCR increases by 1.5 times, and large emissions of high-energy particles will occur eight times in a century. As a result, the near-Earth space radiation is likely to become more dangerous.


And the end of the 24th “great peak” of the Sun will celebrate with fanfare! The most real end of the world – no light on the earth. This is the forecast of other specialists from NASA. They prepared a report naimrachneyshy “Threats to Space Weather: social and economic consequences.” According to them, solar activity at the end of this, of 2012, threatens global catastrophe. The cause of geomagnetic storms will be unseen forces caused huge outbreaks in the Sun – the so-called coronal mass ejections.

Consequences of a sudden solar storm is comparable to a nuclear war or the fall of a giant asteroid on Earth – says Professor Daniel Baker (Daniel Baker), an expert on space weather from the University of Colorado (University of Colorado in Boulder) and the head of the Committee NAS, responsible for preparing the report.

The beginning of the end of the scientists promise a very beautiful. September 22, 2012 over the whole Earth will flash bright and colorful flashes of the aurora borealis, which previously only admired the people of the polar regions. It will be seen even in the daytime. Then break out “Fireworks” from electrical discharges and sparks – like a Hollywood thriller. Only much worse.

Approximately 90 seconds on the planet passed out the light. And the first affected areas have been provided with electricity better than others. Further nightmare you can imagine – we have all life is based on electricity.

The Americans predict the deaths of millions of his countrymen in the next year after the disaster. And paint a horrible picture stop trains, elevators, industrial production.
Falling satellites, aircraft, stops and water heating. Flow refrigerators. Silent radio, not television shows, communication is cut off … The End. There’s no light. And will not.

Flares are due to the mixing of gases. Sometimes the light shoots into space. Detached from the surface of the tens of billions of tons of hot plasma. These cyclopean bunches rushing toward Earth at speeds of millions of kilometers per hour. Even speeding along. The impact assumes the magnetic field of the planet. And his korezhit, stomps, twists quickly and powerfully.

Sudden changes in the electromagnetic field of the Earth suggest a strong direct current. It was he able to literally burn the electrical network is not designed for such loads.

The most vulnerable elements – the transformers. They quickly overheat and melt. According to experts, in the U.S. only 90 seconds after hitting the 300 key transformers burn. And without electricity will remain more than 130 million people. In other countries, probably would not be better.

There is another danger – said Daniel Baker, – the so-called rolling blackouts. Power networks on the continents are interconnected. And even the loss of any one node will cascade of failures. For example, in 2006 one of the banal off power lines in Germany led to a series of injuries transformer substations across Europe. In France, five million people were without electricity for two hours.

NASA experts predict solar storms in autumn 2012, when the activity reaches a maximum of lights.

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