American biologist sure that there is life on Mars

15 Apr

life,MarsIn 1976-United State vehicles Viking 1 & Viking 2 arriving on the neighboring planet, conducted a unique experiment whose purpose was to determine- whether there is life. On a difficult life – at least on the levels of worms – scientists never dreamed of. I wanted to find at least the bacteria in the soil. They are, in fact, focused experimental technique called the Labeled Release (LR). Soil samples were produced by a mechanical arm with a bucket that is installed on the machine. She scooped the ground and poured it into the cup with a special nutrient medium, which its creators call a chicken broth.

Fruitful debut idea is that if there are bacteria in the soil, then hitting the “broth”, they are activated – will thrive and excrete carbon dioxide. As is usually the case in bacteria. Gas will fix appliances. And if that happens, indeed, the researchers concluded: carbonic acid bacteria isolated. Hence, there is life on Mars.

Expectations were met. “Broth” provoked a process of carbon dioxide emissions. This is clearly sensor signals. Hence, there is life on Mars?

Not at all. As officially announced by NASA gazovat not bacteria. Carbon dioxide is formed as a result, not biological, and chemical reaction of the soil and the nutrient medium.

As a result, it was concluded that the completed “Vikings” experiments have not demonstrated the existence of life on Mars. Even if their author Dr. Gilbert Levin did not agree with the official conclusions.

So the other day – 36 years later – a new analysis of data obtained in the course of those biochemical experiments showed that Dr. Levin is probably not agree to correct.

With the sensational statement that Martian bacteria made themselves felt more “Viking” was made by American biologist Joseph Miller (Josheph Miller) School of Medicine, University of Southern California (USC’s Keck School of Medicine).

He went to the LR experiment mathematically – digitized them and appreciated the complexity of the resulting data. According to his theory, the complex they are, the more indicate a biological origin. Since living systems are more sophisticated than non-biological.

Analysis of the result showed that the results of experiments LR are not only the typical complexity, but also a high degree of order. What is more characteristic of biological rather than purely physical processes.

– I am 99 percent sure that there is life on Mars – says Miller. NASA, however, do not rush to congratulate a colleague. Offer more time to double-check the results.

The scientist does not mind. But it stresses that a 100 per cent confident will give only a microscope, which will transmit images to Earth gliding bacteria.

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