28 countries was announced today, the threat of a tsunami

11 Apr

tsunami, centuryThe powerful earthquakes off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The threat of a tsunami, which was announced Wednesday after a series of powerful earthquakes in the Indonesian island of Sumatra, has been canceled for most countries around the Indian Ocean. At the same time, appropriate measures shall remain in force for Indonesia and a number of island states.
For several hours the inhabitants of coastal areas in India, Indonesia, Thailand and panic. On Phuket, the resort sounded sirens, people were evacuated from the hotel directly. About what happened in Sumatra (the island closest to the epicenter of the earthquake was located), there was not much detail. Foreign agencies and television channels dryly noted: death and destruction there. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center called on the authorities of countries in the Indian Ocean, not to relax. The magnitude of the earthquake was large enough – 8.7 and the wave height, which was formed as a result of aftershocks, could reach 4 meters.

One after another, the state has announced the threat of a tsunami. Moscow immediately responded to the post about the earthquake. Rosturizm operational headquarters set up to help our fellow countrymen. All feared a repeat of 2004 when a powerful earthquake triggered a devastating tsunami. Then killed over two hundred thousand people. This time, however, seems to have happened. On the west coast of Indonesia struck a wave height of 80 centimeters. According to others, it was 1 meter. Prior to Thailand just sunk 10 centimeters. Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has said that “there is no tsunami threat, however, he said, the country is in full combat readiness.” It clarifies the RIA, the population has not yet calmed down. In the Indonesian province of Aceh, many residents remain in the streets, many climbed the hills and other elevations. Local police tried to persuade them to go home. According to recent reports, the threat of a tsunami abolished in all regions of the Indian Ocean.

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