Secret of Hurricanes

The scientists from the Institute for Space Studies managed to uncover the secret of tropical hurricanes. They examined data from satellites and identified a previously unknown, but having a key feature.
If a hurricane is sharply reduced the amount of water vapor transported by them, during the days he is gaining enormous power and become a deadly threat. It is for this scenario events developed with the hurricane “Katrina” has caused a terrible blow to the U.S. city of New Orleans.
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The third world is predictable-because it is not possible

worldThe new scale of danger of war is … the conviction of its impossibility. Everything is so stupid, that works just as once, in an unaltered form. Closer to war, the better it proved impossible.
Think before the First War and the Second World War there was no political scientists, geo-politicians, lobbyists and other parasitic strata of intellectual class? There were no economists, writers and futurists? There were also abundant. If you look at the press in 1913, and especially the press in 1939, you can find the most authentic, compelling theory of the impossibility of large-scale wars. You can choose from a variety of denial: it is impossible, because there is a single economy and mutual investments, it is impossible, because the consequences would be disastrous for everyone involved, it is impossible, because all flee. And so on. Continue reading “The third world is predictable-because it is not possible”

The confidence of the faith in God from the mind

AllahAll are People with methodical mind there is no belief in God – they are likely to adhere to non-belief. However, even people with well-developed intuition can doubt the faith, if you begin to solve multifaceted problems, say Canadian sociologists. Subtleties of faith, explored employees of the University of British Columbia, Will Gervais and Ara Norenzaryan. They conducted two experiments with 650 students. First, volunteers have written test on analytical skills, then respond to questions about the attitude toward religion. The researchers then compared the extent of their religion and rationality. Continue reading “The confidence of the faith in God from the mind”

Fake DNA works as a actual

Artificial, DNAThe led scientists to assess the possibility of another existence of extraterrestrial life.
Artificially produced a substance similar to DNA can store information in the same way as does the human DNA. For storage of all information in the cells of the human body responds DNA and RNA. Recently, an international group of scientists introduced synthetic molecule similar to DNA. The new molecule is called XNA.
The study, published in Science, scientists have demonstrated that the XNA can store and copy the information in the same way as does the DNA in the organism of living beings. XNA can additionally bind to DNA and RNA.
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Strange circles exposed on Mars

StrangeGraduates who were engaged in that would be like most of us have dealt with images of high expansion, taken with HiRISE, Mars Reconnaissance satellites discovered strange curly spirals on the surface of Mars.
These elements are seen on Earth, but now they were first discovered on Mars. Elements on Mars, called lava rings are larger. “On Mars the size of the largest ring in the width of 30 meters – said Andrew Ryan, of Arizona State University. The size of the ring more than any lava on Earth. ” Continue reading “Strange circles exposed on Mars”

Extraterrestrial “egg” proves the survival of life on the Red Planet

Martian, eggThe Group of Scientists believes that the egg-shaped object found inside a meteorite from the Red Planet is the ultimate proof of life on Mars.
Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe said that the globules of rock called “Tissint” rich in carbon and oxygen, and this suggests that they could be produced by living organisms. He also added that this could be due to contamination after falling to Earth. Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe is known for his controversial theories, such as the assumption that the influenza virus, and even life itself have been delivered to our planet by comets. “It is impossible to understand how these carbon-rich particles within the rock matrix are the same size and shape unless they are the remains of some species of algae,” – said prof. Wickramasinghe.
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The planet Mars in all its magnificence

PlanetStunning digital images made by Dane Kisom Vinenbosom, grace the pages of National Geographic and site of NASA. These images were obtained using the landscape simulation Terragen. Keys has worked with various versions of this program since 1999.
Most of these images was done using digital elevation models derived from a variety of NASA satellites, including the unit was “Mars Global Surveyor”.
Keys Vinenbos did a lot of images for National Geographic, among which, besides images of Mars were the good old image of Earth and other planets in the solar system and even exoplanets. This is a collection of fantastic images of the entire collection of modern and ancient Mars when the planet was still water and ice

Changing the DNA in connection with the transition

Changing, DNAHuman being genetic material DNA mutation under the influence of solar activity. Because so many are scared, trying to find doctors who can not recognize in his physical body the process of change at a deep level. A treatment is not working, government medical supply does not work, it does not meet all the challenges, which offers a person the sun.
These symptoms appear and disappear suddenly appear for no reason, go away. These are good signs the body is sending you news about what is freed from the old biology, and the old thinking. keep up with it.
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Secrets of the Takla Makan

Takla, MakanThe remnants of ancient sand structures that could tell a very strange thing and, no doubt, to destroy our understanding of how China’s history took shape, and human civilization in general.
The fact that recently the Internet, especially in the conspiracy of his segment, keeps popping up on the traces of European civilization in China. There is a legend according to which it is here at one time there was a war, and fought Caucasoid type giants with red hair.

Just the facts scientists and archaeologists have found in the Takla Makan mummified body, which became a scientific sensation, and known to the world under the name “Tarim mummies.” They belong to the 18th century BC, they have the structure of Caucasoid individuals, on some clothes to keep the country, more than came up to the Vikings or the Scottish highlanders – socks, coats with a checkered pattern of the picture, and their blond and red hair plaited into braids …
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10 interesting facts about rats

RatA small number of animals inspire more fear than rats. As a symbol of death and disease, they haunt us in nightmares, and climb the walls, dragging its scaly tail.
The annual damage in the billions of dollars and are the cause of plague, spoilage of food products, wiring and even bite babies in cribs. But at the same time, we can not underestimate the benefit to mankind. We offer you some interesting facts about our nasty neighbors in the animal world. Continue reading “10 interesting facts about rats”